How to Hard Reset – Restore your iphone 7 / 7 plus iOS10 with iTunes Recovery mode

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How to restore your iPhone 7 / 7 Plus with iTunes by entering Recovery Mode. This is the same as a hard reset but via iTunes.

1. If you have iTunes, then make sure you have the latest version. If you do not have iTunes, then download it from
2. Open iTunes on the computer and leave it running
3. Power off your phone. You can try soft resetting it with the Power + Volume down button for about 5 seconds and it should turn the phone off
4. Plug the lightning cable into the phone but do not plug it to the computer yet
5. You will plug the lightning cable into the phone and immediately press and hold the Power button + Volume Down button
6. When you see the apple logo, release the power button but still keep holding the Volume Down button
7. Release Volume Down button when you see the connect to iTunes on the display of your phone
8. On iTunes press Restore
9. then click on Restore and Update, Next and Agree to the terms and conditions
10. The download is 2.4+GB so the download can take some time but once iOS10 is downloaded to the computer, then you can click on Restore iPhone.
11. Follow the remaining prompts and it will ask you to setup your iPhone after completed.
Reminder! Restoring your iPhone erases everything so if you do not have a backup of your data, it will be deleted.


John Baptist says:

it doesnt work because of icloud lock. How to remove icloud?

Games HD says:

tank you tank you

Bharat Chand says:

This isn't working for me . I held the' power' and 'volume down' buttons for upto 15 seconds .. then when the apple logo came, I left the power button, but 'connect to iTunes' never came ! It's just stuck on apple logo for a long time and goes back blank ! Tried a zillion times on all your methods – soft reset, hard reset and iTunes hard reset. all what my phone does is loop on the boot logo .. this is a new iPhone 7+. Please help !

Harperslv420 says:

tnx m8 nice video

Lovely Lexey says:

thank u so much

Fani Ulian Muhsin says:

After it was done, will it still linked to the previous apple id/icloud when i do set up?
Or it will be as if having new one without apple id linked to it?

SBdunks3 says:

What if my phone is having the issue of being lost with random numbers? Will this work to make it an iPod since the imei will go to crap?

Van Tao says:

Thanks, it took me a few times before i can actually restore the phone due to extracting data was taking way too long.

inyxia sf2 says:

that window doesnt pop up for me lol

Blutut Eror says:

for connect itunes need account iphone will restore or not??

Bryan Hernandez says:

Mine says an error occurred what do I do?

Anamaria CG says:

Iphone 7. Gives restart my phone alone and no longer stops, so always do, what would it be? I have only 3 days. HELP

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