How to get the NONE option/remove payment info – Apple [PC/Mac] (Works 2018)

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Waffle the snek Meme says:

I really want to scream because nothing is working! I’m freaking out, basically panic attack?? (Or I’m just a brat and I freak out for nothing)

CLAYMORE: Lukeyluke444 says:

Mine doesn't say PayPal or None

Trapped in the Wonderland of kpop says:

I have to create a new Apple ID and there is no "none" option

Taavi Kirsch says:

I fucking hate appel and iOS. Bought this expensive shit of a phone and now I just want it to fucking burn in hell. I'm going to destroy it. Fuck Apple!!!

Clincius says:

I don't have none!

anna o says:

For anyone who is having trouble I found a way! I have been messing with it all day and it has caused me so much stress. –> go to the App Store. Log out of your Apple ID. Then type in an app in the search bar. Then when you click to download the app it will ask you to log in or create a new Apple ID. Click to create a new Apple ID then fill out the process/ use a different email. Then you will be signed in to the new Apple ID email and will be able to download free apps again. hope this helps someone!

N.O.S Productions says:

ok so whenever I try to get something on the app store it tells me I have to do a verifaction code then it says I have to view my billing info and it tells me its wrong which I know is right and I came here I did both things and I got nothing.

chicken nugget says:

there is no "none" Botten any more

morales aj says:

If you put your credit card,youll pay somethin or none ?

Alban Osmani says:

If you have an unpaid balance or payment due

You can't select None as your payment type until you pay your balance. To see which order you need to pay for, view your purchase history on a Mac or PC. When you sign in to the store, you might see a message that there was a billing issue with your last order. Click the Billing Info button to see the order.
After you pay for the order, you can change your payment information to None.
If you have a subscription that automatically renews

You might not be able to select None until you cancel the subscription.
If the subscription has a free trial period, we use the payment method that you have on file to make sure that your service won't be interrupted after your free trial period is over. If you don't want to continue a subscription after the free trial, you can cancel the subscription to prevent any charges when the free trial ends.
Your subscription or membership might renew if you don't cancel your subscription or membership more than 24 hours before your renewal date.

If you're using the iTunes Store or App Store for the first time

If you're using the store for the first time with an existing Apple ID, you must provide a payment method. After you create the account, you can change your payment information to None.
If you're creating a new Apple ID, you might be able to create an account without entering your credit card details.
If you changed your country or region

When you change the country or region of an existing Apple ID, you must provide a payment method and update your billing options. If you want to remove your payment method after you change the country or region, you can change your payment information to None.
If you're a part of Family Sharing

When you set up Family Sharing, the family organizer must provide a valid payment method. This payment method will be used for all purchases initiated by family members and can only be changed by the family organizer.
If you want to approve purchases made by any family member who is under 18, turn on Ask to Buy.
If you want to stop using Family Sharing, you can disband your family group.

PixelAppleGaming says:

If I use none, can I use my apple gift card

Lost Doge says:

I owe like 20 dollars lol rip!

Nekon Samorayee says:

Hi friend thanks for your video
I made app I'd seven years ago but I moved from first country . After that I bought any dictionary around 25 .€ after two day I saw I can't up my iPhone . They says your app I'd is only valid for purchase nothing else
And right now I can't change like first day none credit card . Even I can't see the none credit card in my account

IWantRoast says:

Well what if I can't download it on my computer df

RandomXGirl Crew says:

How do I give the money that I owe?

Catalin Usus says:

Who can help me that none appears to me???

N!ghtmare the Non-Logical Demon Skeleton says:

I want the verification to stop.. but it has no None button

N!ghtmare the Non-Logical Demon Skeleton says:


asia ceaser says:

The none option doesn't show foe me

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