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HEY GUYS !! sorry i didn’t post on sunday my computer is a jerk.. so i’m uploading on a thursday instead yayyy :)) but there will be another video this sunday as well hopefully. today i showed you how to save a lot of money by getting ibooks for free on any apple device 🙂 this can be a really good hack for school which is coming up sooo soon.

kaleidoscope footage is owned by gabrielle marie 🙂 thanks for letting me use it!
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DaughterMoth says:

OHMYGOD I see Ashton Irwin! ????????

Sophie ericksen says:

Ashton Irwin

Sara Abdalla says:

This doesn't always work unfortunately☹️

Cole Sprouse says:

I can't download the fault in our stars :(

nina P says:


Dawson Marek says:

Read your damn emails

KawaiiGirl says:

omg this worked! thanks so much I subbed

Emin Purisic says:

What app do u use to film your screen

Omed Aziz says:

terrible video thanks for nothing

Alex Valencia says:

Doesn't Work ????????

ashlea foster says:

I would watch but the background is too distracting

Mouse Mickey says:

1;46 " You can only download things that people have written" aw dang I was really hoping to get a book written by a robot crap!

Jelly bomb says:

Almost gave me seizure

Not so cool says:

This could have been a 2 minute video

january first says:

thanks a lot!

MGold 3471 says:

You should get more subscribers because you give REAL information that's useful and you're editing is life ????????????????

Alexa Hood says:

ashhhhtonnn flettcherrr iwwwrinnnn

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