How to fix your ipod if it isn’t showing up on itunes .wmv

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Click here to go to an instructional page This is a video tutorial on how to get your ipod to show up on itunes. This only works on click wheel ipods and is only if your ipod shows up on my computer (just computer for Windows Vista users) but not in itunes. Than you please rate comment and subscribe.


TaintedVibes says:

holy cow this is old
what is this windows 98?!

Skate Eat Sleep Repeat says:

THANK YOU 🙂 worked 1st attempt on windows 8.1

Robert Camplin says:

Brilliant! Simple and it worked – thanks.

Woody Woodward says:

Hell yeah dude thank you

Vanessa Gaviria says:


Phdizzle C says:

can some one show how to do it on a mac?

ZoLexa says:

it didnt work wtf

David Weaver says:

Still worked in Windows 8.1 – bless your soul child :)

Fenz says:

Stupid kid.

Aman Sehgal says:


Maha K says:

It did work!

HolisticDev says:

Go the fuck away little kid!

Cory Davison says:

omg i love you so much hehehehe

Ray Fontaine says:

That worked for me but I had to unplug the USB to my Printer to pull it off. My front USBs dont respond.

Ray Fontaine says:

dash = underscore

Charles Pennington says:

Thanks this really helped. Saved me from buying a new ipod.

toogoofi says:

worked for me on window 8. thank you !!!!!!!!!

Tolu Ogunlaiye says:

Thanks so much, man! This really helped!

GothPuppet3 says:

It's nice to see going through the actual steps however mine still won't show up on bloody itunes

xXWounded-AngelXx says:

Mine still won't work i followed on what you did and it still won't show up on the stupid iTunes

Maureen Stanford says:

You are awesome! Thank you so much.

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