How to fix the Ipod touch Connect to Itunes Mode

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If your Ipod Touch or Iphone ever entered the Connect to Itunes mode try this! WARNING!! Not 100% sure what this does on other devices
But i was on a Ipod 4G running 4.2.1 and it worked!!


Only works for Windows


xxskittles 12 says:

Can't 🙁 don't have a computer :(

joseph dalais says:

will it work on ipod 5th gen

Kep Betro says:

waiting for ur device….

Gamingmaster55 says:

it does not work

Emilia Morales says:

does it work for
iPhone ?

Frida Kassandra says:

i reset my ipod and now its stuck on the connect to itunes screen i connected it to my computer but its not even being detected now what should i do D:????

Paul Papillon (Mr Paul) says:

great like a charm..fixed my ipod in minutes

Tiffany Edgar says:

your video helped get me back in! thanks!

Jawahir S says:

when i connect my ipod it dosent turn on and when i connect it to charger it turn on can u please help me

Rocky Fangon says:

pls help mine stuck in DFU MODE

Adhan Allen says:

dont work

Bernadette Freeman says:

Does it work on iPhones anyone???

greg says:

No go bro

Bethany Pinnick says:

Yay! This is the only thing that worked.

Lance White says:

my iphone dosent come back on after DFU mode please help

Sophie Louise says:

This is so shit I hey iPhones lol 

Atyriana Washington says:

What the app called

crazycheerlife 13 says:

I didnt work for me. I need help.

jonel reyes says:

Man. I'm stuck in DFU mode. what to do? Haha Please Help.

Eva Santiago says:

It wont work

Eva Santiago says:

This sucks butt

CVStunein says:

+I cant download on this computer

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