How To Fix Stuck At Apple Logo Endless Reboot Trick iOS 9 iPhone, iPod & iPad

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How To Fix Stuck At Apple Logo Endless Reboot Trick iOS 9 iPhone, iPod & iPad

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Valdas Jurgaitis says:

what if the logo fashing but phone still not turning on?


my screen just goes black after holding volume. any fixes? i am jailbroken

Ezculkinra says:

what do you do if you have a broken power button?

Johnathan Taylor says:

Great moves Dude, keep it up the great work.

il0v3htrz says:

It doesnt go into safe mode for me. Instead it just goes back to the lockscreen.

OnlyLionsDoMadden says:

Thank you so much! I was worried my phone was broken!

Chloe says:

whats safe mode?

Katelyn Xoxo says:

I need help my phone is stuck and this method wont work!!! My phone was never jailbroken either

Jimmy neutron says:

mine stuck when i reset it…it freezes with iphone logo while dowloiding something..pls help me fix it

Ace Nallawar says:

please help me, I am at ios 10 beta 5, and it not jailbroken, but still i get boot loop, and also it boots at frequency of 1 per 2 sec. basically it flashing as it boots after every 2 sec

Kourkutas2 Kutsukuta says:

is that work to lg phone? peackoase my lg stuck

Legend Motions says:

one of my power buttons is broken.. what to do?

marsha donnelly says:

Mine just blinks over and over, nothing works

charlixcx says:

how long does it take to open up? i had my finger on the volume up for like 2 minutes and it didn't open

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