How to Fix iTunes Error 9 on iTunes Restoring iPhone / iPad (All iOS Versions)

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How to Fix iTunes Error 9 on iTunes Restoring iPhone / iPad
If you ever had this kind of problems while restoring your iPhone, iPad or iPod, then you know that it could get very bad. Don’t desperate!
Even if there is not a stable fix for this kind of error, we have the workaround!
1) Check your USB cable. If possible, try other data cable.
2) Reboot your PC. This might help.
3) Kill any taskbar process concerning Apple.
4) Change the USB port.
5) WATCH the video. I explain very good here how to get rid of error 9!

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TheyCallme Lincoln says:

Thank You So Much Mate Seriously!!

Traction 99 says:

Thanks buddy!! It works!!

Traction 99 says:

Thanks buddy!! It works!!

Danil Kahan says:

thanks allot my ipad is restored to factory settings

renten says:

Hi! I have an iphone 5s and I went to reset>erase all content and settings. Imminently my phone started booting like crazy, for 6 hours. Apple logo>black>apple logo>black. I panicked and looked up what an iphone reset should look like and mines wasn't it.

Tried everything, dfu, hard reset,eTC.
So I went into recovery mode to restore it on my computer and when it says preparing iphone for restore, my iphone goes to the apple logo> shows the loading bar for 3 seconds, then my phone restarts to the recovery screen. (iphone could not be restored, error 9)I used a program like Reiboot to take it out of recovery mode and when I do that, it just restarts like crazy until it dies.

I have no idea what to do i've tried everything. I got my phone screen changed yesterday because of it recently falling and cracking on the ground. I don't know if it's because of that, but it was FINE until I decided I wanted to wipe my phone. 🙁

Thanks in advance!

margiano josua says:

nice job dude….

MiguelGraphics says:

What about Mac Users?

Christopher Keech says:

I will tell you all what to do! Stop buying apple products, theyre garbage!!!!!!!

saltman og says:

does it works with error 2015?????? please help !!!

mohammed mansoor says:

I have been facing this issue since last month, Apple store says that i have to replace my iphone. As it is not under warranty i have to pay 21,000 INR.
#George please tell me, this video works ??

Dylan G says:

i have tried every option on my macbook air 2013 what shall i do please

kiran lekkimarada says:

guys try 'reiboot', it'llsurely help !

antoniopvgomes says:

Many thanks George. I haven't tried your solution yet, but you are the first person that gave a reasonable explanation about this error. And not a load of crap like most apple users/forums (sorry I'm a PC fanboy since 1990 :), it's an old war.
Even if it doesn't work you made a detailed explanation and demonstrated a real case.


P.S. – If the solution works I'll help you pay your next coffees :)

Erwin Pratama says:

itunes version?

Luk Nieto says:

and in  a mac?

Dj Tommy says:


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