How to Fix iTunes Error 3194 on a Mac – This device isn’t eligible for the requested build

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Still getting Error 3194? The link below explains why.

This video will show you how to Fix iTunes Error 3194 on a Mac – This device isn’t eligible for the requested build.

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iknowthetruth4eve r says:

Wtf is firm ware? I did the step in this video it didn't work. Help. I have ipad air don't know which version of ios please help. Just trying to restore to factory setting forgot password.

Chloe Elizabeth says:

really desperate for some help. i had tried to restore my iPhone and this error occurred but checking the hosts file didn't work as that wasn't the issue. can't find out what the issue is
everything i have is the latest version. phone , macbook , iTunes

Jolene Lin says:

well… I only had the 'localhost' lines in my terminal and yet the same error pops up. please help!

Mihir Vijay says:

Please help I can't enter the password

Mihir Vijay says:

I can't enter the password!

fefo faisal says:

Hi Which Password he asked

Risa Meller says:

thank you so much! fixed my error 17!

Emily Li says:

still isnt working 🙁 pls help

Just boom tings says:

i tried this but in the terminal there is no apple parts to delete, the last one is local host, is there another way to fix this>

Llama Lørd21 says:

what password is it talking about matt?

Hollow666 says:

It wont let me type my password dont know why? can you please help

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