How to Fix iTunes error 3194 in windows iOS 4.3.2 4.3.1 4.2.1 iPhone iPod iPad.avi

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The tutorial will show you how to fix the common iTunes error 3194 while you’re trying to upload a custom jailbroken firmware to your apple device. You can do that by temporarily blocking Apple’s firmware signing services. Error 3194 seems to be triggered when unsigned firmware is used, often during an iOS downgrade or even during some restores like restoring your apple device firmware to a custom jailbroken firmware.

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# says:

Error 3004:
iTunes cannot connect to

BWO Josh says:

Still doesn't work.

Drit Namedriti says:

how can i do it on windows xp…pls help me !!!!!!

Adrian Martinez says:

use "crimson editor" to open and save…

Adrian Martinez says:

After doing this I get a 3004…

Abdul Rhman Al Bloushi says:

i like your accent ^^

Cameron O'Hara says:

every fucking time I try this,know matter what I do,it never works.This host file thing is COMPLETE BULLSHIT

Buttered Toast says:

the iphone cannot be restored at this time because the iphone software update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable.
Please try again later.

David White says:

I have followed the steps from various geeks and there are all different, the only thing in common is none of them fucking work, fuck apple and everyone who supports them by buying their shit

jeffrey smith says:

nevermind i got it to work followed your steps from a reply to a comment it helped lot's thanks XD

jeffrey smith says:

not working 🙁

jdoovy says:


Andreas Pargulski says:

My computer says I'm the administrator, and I right click on Notepad and click run as administrator, but it just doesnt let me save afterwards.

RealiStic1Gameing2 says:

Worked fine for me 🙂 , to all of u having trouble , put those numbers in the host files , then do not exit out the notepad/save it . Then start up itunes and Di restore

joseph chrzempiec says:

I did that what you said and it still have that error 3194

MrTheSoundMaster says:

How do i fix error 11?

Green House says:

Didn't work on iPhone 5

AndreK1324 says:

i dont have hosts

Karan Veer says:

Stuck on preparing iphone for restore

Hannabella aala says:

cant save tells contact the administrator..pls help..

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