How To Fix iTunes Error 3194 Can’t Update To iOS 8 Restore, Downgrade, & Recovery Error 2014

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How To Fix iTunes Error 3194 If You Can’t Update To iOS 8 Or Restore, Downgrade, Update iOS 8 & Recovery Error 2014 On Mac & Windows



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DikkeBownie says:

Thank you soo much! I subbed :)

Albat Apc says:

Hey guys, some time that file may be "hosts.sam" delete that file. I fix this way. Thank you.

eli azar says:

I don't have hosts.umbrella, I have Imhosts.sam And i do not have the line with the ip adress what can i do ??

todor nikolic says:

i have Imhosts.sam too and what i should delete in hosts?

Preet Katana says:

the iphone could not be restored an unknown error occurred 50


Stay Frosty says:

Mine says host.sam

lucas rocha says:

i dont have this line to delete, what i should do?

Ram Khadka says:

I got many problems in iOS 8. My Phone data used to lost frequently and I always have to restore using Dr.Fone – iPhone Data Recovery. I'm so thankful to Dr.Fone.

》》》Alex《《《 Apple says:

not done 4, i treid also i have not this commend which you remove

Tech for Ios says:

It's not workss!! :(

Devil Rejects says:

does this work?

Akaidan101 says:

): never mind it didn't work

Akaidan101 says:

Thanks so much it works thumbs up(:

CnackPvP says:

it doesn't work for me. Any tips?

Esha 1256 says:

Im trying to restore my IPod touch. I deleted the hosts.sam program but I when I went in the hosts notes I didn't have I'm still getting the error too. What do I do now?

wickstroem says:

doesnt work

Max Eisenhardt says:

Thank you very much! it worked. You the real MVP.

TheOriginalCP9 says:

It worked for me! My notes looked different to yours at the end as it had an extra line of numbers and words. I simply copied your notes from the video and it worked out!

I'm Driver says:

dont work … i dont even has tinyumbrella

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