How To Fix iTunes Error 11, 13, 14, iPod/iPhone/iPad, Feb 2015

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Hey Guys Just Follow The Instructions On The Video If Your Phone Crashes During The Restore Please Note That, That is The Motherboard and Not itunes/ USB Cable So U Need To Buy A New One

This is a very simple method to get rid of almost all iTunes errors when restoring your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. This works for Windows and Mac.

I have been looking around and seeing a few people who have been getting iTunes errors while either, trying to jailbreak, restore or update on your apple devices such as : iPhones, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch and/or iTunes.

Error 11
Removed bbfw file in the firmware folder of an unzipped IPSW.

Error 13
This occurs when you want to install a beta firmware with iTunes for Windows eg (iOS 6)(actively blocked by Apple; beta users are developers and therefore must have a Mac).
Error 13 may also mean that you have a USB problem. Check the USB connection and try other direct ports or maybe the USB cable is an older one.

Error 14
Custom firmware update fail while using PwnageTool. You have to restore the device with a custom firmware. Some problems will be that the iDevice isn’t bootable. 2
USB Problem. Check the USB connection and try other direct ports or maybe the USB cable is an older one.
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Ravikanth p says:

thanks its worl nu 14

İbrahim Dreizehn says:

/Rs3ObnX9bRY fix error itunes 14

Zamyr Nabiezada says:

thank you

Its working ….. /(Y)

lasha chikvaidze says:

great… it wath a problem with usb )) .. just unplug usb and plug in another port and it works )) thanks ..

Anomylous says:

thanks for NOTHING

Syrian_survivor says:

please help , this is like the sixth error i get during the restore ;
i have a jailbroken ipad 3 ios 7.0.4 i want to restore and update to ios 9.2 after three days of trying i was able to start the restore but when the loading bar on the ipad began to fill , error 14 appeared on the pc ( i downloaded ios 9.2 firmware from itunes )

Ben Messoud Oussama says:

where can i download custom firmwares for ios 9.2 (error 14)

Chinamoon says:

fucking stupid asshole. wasted 2 minutes of my life I will never get back. moron.

Rinor Isufi says:

I have deleted that bbfw file from ipsw and its the same error 11 , thanks for your help try 😀

Nageswara Rao says:

How to fix error 11 … I don't know where the folder is ??????

Nabil Abdul says:

not working still error 11 i removed that file…

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