How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Recovery Mode / Apple Logo / Black Screen & More ( iPhone, iPad , iPod)

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How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Recovery Mode or how to enter and exit from recovery mode with one click only! FREE!

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iAppleTuber says:

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Jedi Assassins469 says:


Mimi T-F says:

OHHHHHHHHH Shit! it totally worked

aymen alharbi says:

Thank you so much it works,fixed my sister phone.

wahrani 31 choupot says:

Merci beaucoup ✌🏼👍🏻

ThatguyRuby says:

Omfg is there another way WITHOUT THE COMPUTER

Cesar Rocha says:

Great! It worked!!

Lisa nelson says:

This software is what made my phone stuck

FaZe Bleach says:

u just earned a sub and thank you som much for your help

carolane gauthier says:

hey it not free like damnn this is shit -.-

Christopher Alcuizar says:

WTF are you saying?? don't you know how to read? it's "NOT FREE" NOT FREE!!!!!!!!!!! you have to pay for it using paypal and etc. damn! such a waste of time

James Carballo says:

Best video to get out of recovery mode.

CoolKidzz says:

Thank you very much, its worked. I almost go to the apple center for fixing my problem.

FlUeNt Ray says:

my iphone i stuck ive tried everthing PLZ HELP

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