How to Fix iOS 10 update or restore problem, “connect to iTunes” error

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In this video I will be showing how to fix iPhone (iOS) update or restore problem. You may face this type of problem when you shut down your iPhone updating time.
This solution should work for iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 7.
You just need to connect your iPhone with your pc and then your pc will auto detect your iPhone and will show popup with update option.
If your pc doesn’t detect your iPhone then press “Power” key with “Home” key on your iPhone.

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iTunes 64 bit:
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Cómo solucionar un problema de actualización o restauración de iOS 10, error “conectar a iTunes”.

Comment faire pour réparer iOS 10 mise à jour ou restaurer le problème, “connecter à iTunes” erreur.








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Muhammad Helal says:

would it done with ipad?

Jasmin Franklin says:

This video helped me ALOT , thanks .

Bia Vasconcelos says:

at 2:36 my iphone always shut down, so I'm unable to update or to reset it 🙁

Dyn didie says:

Thank you bro.. u make my day..I Love dishomm

Elizabeth E says:

Pleaseeeeeeeee help me, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.,. select times, the update will go through, and the phone will work for just a few hours and then start turning on and off again to the apple logo white screen background.. why?! .. i have iphone 6 for 2 years, I put new screen and new battery, everything new..tell me what to do.. I don't want to buy a new phone now

rashed zaman says:

i installed 10.1.2 & success also.but after installation within 2 days it's automatically shutdown. i tried to restart so many times but i couldn't on my iphone 5. there is only a Apple symbol & some times so many words coming with symbol. please tell me the solution. …

Brady Fox says:

NONE of these videos are helpful

James Snow says:

All iTunes gives is error 9006

Isidro Martinez says:

My phone already downloaded iOS 10.2. The problem I've is with iTunes music. I CAN'T SYCN my playlist won't reconices it.. I'm super Piss can someone please help me.


Diane Drabek says:

well so far so good. phone died in the middle of an update. right now I am using your instructions and at least I have movement! white apple on and line is a moving thanks!

Christina Shaw says:

My phone is stuck on the apple screen (white) and doesn't even go to my home screen it just turns on and off and shows that my battery is dead and turns off. i tried doing this but it hasn't been working. help!!

Kareem Mahmoud Aly says:

Heyyyy!!! hellppppppppppp!

it says waiting for iPhone then it returns back to the itunes logo with an error in itunes 4013!! what to do please help

Mateo Mateo says:

thank you so much :).

Lights-Out Gaming says:

If anyone is having the problem when it's stuck in recovery mode and won't go out of it and even when you restore with I tunes it dose nothing but pop up an error the only way I found to fix it was to take it apart and heat gun the logic bored for about 10-20 seconds tell its to hot to touch then let it cool down and restore and it worked for me I just wanted to post this because I found no videos that will help me and I can't be the only one that had this problem. I tried everyone tell I resulted to how I use to fix Xbox's

NXD SpinZ says:

my iphone wont go start doing the apple logo thing just stays on itunes

Kadine Bradford says:

i did all of it step by step but did not start up, please help

Raheel Bhyria says:


Bedirhan Sasmaz says:

You need to cut your nails! ew

Pooklepops8 POOKLEPOPS8 says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH I had a panic attack when the restore thing showed up 😅 I was updating my phone and went to turn it off during as I didn't have enough battery and that's how the restore thing happened 😞 your video was so easy to follow thank you again!!

DK Gaming says:

Life Saverrrr!!!!!!!!

Nitin Nijampurkar says:

software Extract hora Lekin error dukha Raja hain bhai kya karu

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