How to fix “Error 2” when installing itunes on windows 7 64bit

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Link to download rarlab:


Kayo Henrique F. e M. Santos says:

worked for itunes installation problems also! If winrar is installed you also can simply extract right clicking the file! Thanks for the helps!

Akshay Menon says:

it worked thanks mahn

André Campeau says:

Yes !!!! i had recurrent problem with windows 10 and you helped me solve this, thanks a million !!!! You are making my day !

Rafael Albert says:

thank you

Abhijeet Shrivastava says:

It works .. thanks

Prajkta Gupta says:

ill try right now
1st try : doesnt worked..

Enrique Espinosa (EnriqueTheComedian) says:

name of song +cao hao

Enrique Espinosa (EnriqueTheComedian) says:

name of song +cao hao

Haim Cohen says:

Man…You saved me big time! TAHNKS a buch!

Студент Бетоков says:

thank you. win 10 x64

Aziz Ben Amor says:

duuude dammn thanks a lot that worked for me even i run windows 10 <3
i did not unistall all the programs but i had to install the itunes6464 app from the winrar list!

hamza marrakech says:




Walter Mymala says:

i love you bro

NeuthiZz says:

Thank you very much!!
I GOT to the WINDOWS 10

TheMrMania says:

I love you.

4toB DERECHO says:

gracias men me funciono

HaloPlays says:

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS after many many many many months this workes! I will be making a video on my channel in more depth in it!!!! ( I am on windows 8 ) I will also credit you Cao Hao

Emily Evans says:

worked like a charm! you're the best! XO

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