How to Fix Bootloop – iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (Stuck at Apple logo)

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ricky magdaleno says:

I need help!!My iPad was JB on iOS 8 and it had a faulty tweak but don't know which song did the remove Cydia substrate removing all tweaks..While removing it got stuck and hung for a while so I hard reset it and now it's stuck in boot loop and won't get out I connected it to my laptop and it asked me to trust it on the iPad but it's on the apple logoI put it in dfu mode and tried updating itAnd now it's just stuck installing the updateIt's like 1/3 I keep resetting it and it keeps going backAny ideas? I don't wanna restore to new cause there's pictures and stuff I don't want to lose

HashLagNGCKK says:

Didn't work????

Kaleb Meeks says:

thank you so much for your video! I watched around 9 videos and none worked until yours! you're a life saver lol

abujasjwa says:

give me some advice plz, bcoz my Ipad2 still can't run after I followed the way you've showed in youtube. the message from itune is :" The Ipad "Ipad" could not be restored. the device can not be found." what is happen to my Ipad2 ?
is it possible there is hardware problem?
pls help me… many thanks bro..

Digital Gamer says:

THank you so much! :)

Jachson Medina says:

when i tried the itunes method it only says: waiting for ipod… what i should do?


im having issues it did show teh restor but disconnected duringthe dounload restore uupdate process idk whats goinon because now it wont turn on i knew the battery was near dead b4 it bootlooped originally ugh

shahriyor djureav says:

It's saying the iPod could not be restored an unknown error occurred (4014) pleaseee help

Mara Racaza says:

Thank you sooooo much! It worked on my phone!!!! I lost my apps and everything but it's totally fine as long as my phone is back on!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Bob Bobby says:

I had jailbreak and so I decided to restore my iPad from my iPad after that it had the restore bar pop up and then disappear,what do I do?

Bob Bobby says:

I had jailbreak and so I decided to restore my iPad from my iPad after that it had the restore bar pop up and then disappear,what do I do?

bangtan boys more like bangme boys amirite says:

my phone isnt jailbroken but the apple logo keeps flashing omg can someone help me pls!!

Ethan 297 says:

I tried updating it and when it was resetting it got stuck plz reply

Mrsuper loo says:

What if my iPhone home button and + button is not working then how can I fix this apple logo problem

luis lema says:

my home button doesn't work

Maximus20042 says:

Thank you so much for this video!!!! I was ready to throw my iPad into the garbage LOL!!! Thanks again.

North Coast says:

wow thnzzzzzzzz man

Revanaught says:

Doesn't work. :/ My device isn't jailbroken, so I tried the last option you brought up. I try to restore it but as soon as it finishes extracting the Ipad reboots, knocking it out of recovery mode, which then has itunes give the error "the Ipad could not be restored, an unknown error has occurred (21)."

scottjcormier says:

I need help. Went through the steps and still not recognized in iTunes. I cannot get iTunes to restore my iPhone

MinecraftPro says:

My iPhone power button is broken can u plz show or tell me a way to do this.i believe it was a siri tweak

tux cast media says:

My ipod was charging one night, not jailbroken by the way and in recovery mode it dosent recover in itunes no matter what

TSK says:

Nothing worked
Pls help

JHL says:

Does this work, even if its not jailbroken??

oTHPo says:

All my iphone 4s does is turn on to the apple logo then restarts and repeats the process. Can you help me? Added note I replaced the battery so the battery is not the problem. It's jailbreak is from Pangu

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