How to fix “Apple mobile device service not started error”

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Hey guys these are the steps to how to get rid off/ fix the “apple mobile device service not started error” you might get when you open ITunes.
Something you have to make sure is:
iPod/iPhone is disconnected
iTunes is turned off

1. Open “Start”

2. Open “Control Panel” (For Windows 7 users who don’t have the option to switch the control panel to classic view, the administrative tools are located under the System and Security category.)

3. Open “Administrative tools”

4. Open “Services”

5. Go to “Apple Mobile Devices”

6. Your Startup Type would be at Disable

7. Set Startup Type to Automatic

8. Press Apply and Okay.

If you still have problems, while you are still at the “Services” Window go to “IPod Services” and switch that to automatic the same way.
You should be set now.
Message me if it does not work.
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Kevin Grimes says:

This did not help at all for me

allen walker says:

"There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.A program required for this install to complete could not be run.Contact your support personnel or package vendor." This error how to fix on Window 8.1pro 64 bit please help!!!!!

Rajan J R says:

Awesome stuff.
The visual was very low resolution .. but managed to follow through and get it working.
Great stuff. Thanks for the tutorial.

Rich Hoff says:

it gives me error 1053 please help!!!!!

Kian Kalayeh says:

i think its not working because no one's pressing the start button when you have to choose automatic. try doing that.

Php Man says:

if ur operating system 64bit and facing that proplem when u try to install the itune . try this way

Devon Carango says:

it's not even letting me change the startup type .. I can't click on anything !! wtf

Bipin Mazumdar says:

thanks alot…:-)

Leonard Benade says:

Didn't help. Still get error 1051. Was on automatic, turned off, back on, then start – it said can't. Haven't been able to install latest versions of iTunes for a year.

Emre Yıldırım says:

Do you want FIX!!!!! I tryed evey fix method but nooooooot. Then i fix it and easy. My computer's video card older. Probally your video card older. You can fix this problem with" iTunes 12.1.2 for Windows (64-bit — for older video cards)" Here is the link:

Download and setup iTunes for older video card

Josh Lillicrap says:

Its works Its works The dislike button works!

Hwang Mingi says:

I'm trying to install iTunes and it does say 'Automatic' but it tells me that it's failed (Error code 1053: Service did not respond quickly to start or control request).

Isabel Roy says:

mine was already on automatic start…help?

Marc Humer says:

of course NOT working when starting the service fails while installing.

Ag 47 says:

the service stops again and a warning box opens says "the apple mobile device service on local computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services"??

Jasmine Allen says:

i need help also cause its still telling me the same thing its as started and then stopped

Jacob Rocks MC says:

when I download ut it doesn't work when I di that

Glenn Oppenheim says:

Didn't work!

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