How To Fix An ipod Or iphone That Will Not Restore In itunes

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If itunes will not allow your ipod to restore and you get a message and error code, these quick simple steps may be able to help you fix the problem and allow you to restore your ipod.

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IM NOT DONE YET!!! ! says:

Thank you bro it work

Police Balkan says:

smack it a few time on the right upper corner worked for me!! No joke

CaptainObombs says:

nothing you said did anything

Kelle Goh says:

WOW! It works! unplug and plug into another USB for restoring – it really works! Thank you so much!

Merlyn Fernandes says:

How. Transfer. Music. Files. To. iTunes

Hugo Schayer Sabino says:

Every info on this video can be read on the apple site!!! Not of much help, uhn? What a waste of time.

Nadja Paes Leme says:

Hello. I don't know if anyone can help me, but my case is a little different. My Ipod is from the 3rd generation and won't update to past iOS 5.1. So I don't have the latest update. I tried restoring it and it just won't finish, it stays restoring forever… :/ it doesn't give me any error messages or anything. It just doesn't complete.

Sujay Bathe says:

hey thanks man it worked !!! but when work was in progress( ios was 9.3.1) i disconnected the connection i thought i will restore 9.0.2 and JB again ..!! now my itunes not detects phone ! sad … now what can i do pls help

getscaredd♥ says:

I have an iPhone 5c, I recently got it fixed, but in the meantime forgot the postcode.The I put it into DFU mode (jailbroke it t restore it.)Now its not only stuck in DFU mode, but it keeps on saying "the iPhone could not be found"Or," it ran into some unknown problems"I have tried everything, but I cant get it to restore, it keeps on running into errors.If you could help i'd really appreciate it!

Joseph pivarnik says:

I tried everything and no avail. any suggestions? It's stuck in Disk mode, wont restore. I cant erase data (I have MAC), I have ran it through disk utility. Nothing works. I ran through diagnostics mode and everything is fine. Any suggestions?

RifRawR says:

this helps! thanks alot!

Supreme says:

It's bad

rob poynter says:

I sign into iTunes fine, but when I go to restore my iPod the same password and user ID are rejected (the box shakes). what could the problem be?

Carson Stoney says:

Oh update, restart, change the plug, or change the computer. WOWWWWW!!! I NEVER WOULD OF THOUGHT OF THOSE THINGS!
Can I get 3 minutes of my life back?

Jr. Coste says:

You are a genius!!! It was the USB port. Thank you!

Stephane Grenier says:

Never thought of changing the USB port. That seems to have done the trick!!!

Peter Greenan says:

you never fixed nothing all you done was talk shit

emma williamson says:

Thank you so much! This helped me fix my iphone 🙂 x

Andy Mannseichner says:

Helped me…thanks. I called Apple and they couldn't help me. This video did

Ernestina Quezada says:

how do i go into itunes

Kenneth Vallecillo says:

thank you this worked for me. On my 5s running ios 8.4

Hitendra Sahay says:

I was getting 1439 on ipod 60. 
I had to switch to a different computer – one with no ither USB devices amd a different cable. 

Five hours of frustration panic and murderous rage. F*** itunes !!!!

Heartfelt thanks though.

JR Films says:

This video is simply SHIT.

I would have made more sense to take a big SHIT, smear it over the screen of my iPhone and inhale the aroma into my lungs.

Thanks for nothing.

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