How To Fix A Connect To itunes Screen On ipod Touch

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ipod touch stuck on connect to itunes screen? Here is how to fix it!
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Alan Slavinskiy says:

After the restore and update it says error what do I do pls someone help

Adam Arch says:

How is watching in 2016

Fatima Khan says:

So i downloaded itunes n its color is red nd wn im connecting it to the ipod it doesnt work.Why?

Matthew Tudor says:

Thank you so much for these tips My ipod is working again YAY 🙂 X

Lois Langehaug says:

Keeps coming up with error message 40.

I Own Waffles says:

I don't have a PC ._.

joanne readman says:

I get the ipod can not be restored .. an unknown error occurred (3094) i have no clue what to do :(

Chad Hamilton says:

My ipod won't show in iTunes when connected to the PC.

Awais King says:

I alright did and is not work

Taylor Ledo says:

What if you don't have a computer and no contact with one please help me

Dizzy Wade says:

I can't get iTunes on my computer for certain reasons, any other ways?

John Daniels says:

dont work, it trys to do it but says it cant be done

Noelle Byrd Blanchard says:

Thank you so much my iPod went in recovery mode and everybody else's tips were to confusing

justin lalonde says:

how do you connect on the pc

justin lalonde says:

it did not work for me I have a ipod5

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