How to enter Recovery mode WITHOUT power button on any iDevices(iPod/iPhone/iPad)

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This video is ONLY for the peoples who gets stuck at the Apple logo. If you can boot your device without any problems, you can use Assistive touch to turn off your device.


This tutorial is for the peoples who have a iDevices with broken power button. If you get stuck at the apple logo. You can fix it!

Sorry, the video is too dark.

———- Requirements ———-
Latest version of iTunes:

———- Instructions ———-
Difficulty: 5/10

1. If you gets stuck at the Apple logo. Let your iDevice drain the battery and then the battery die… i can’t find another way to turn off the device while in Apple logo
2. Recharge your iDevice and quickly hold home button till the iTunes logo shown on the screen. Recharge an iDevice will turn on itself.

If it show the red battery icon, you cannot enter recovery mode. Let it turned off, remove the recharge and let it give small power in the battery itself in 1-3 days. (My iPad 2 also giving the battery small power itself and it stopped at 3%. It’s a little trick)

If your device have enough power to turn on. Simply plug in the recharge cable on your iDevice to turn on and quickly hold home button (before apple logo shown) till the iTunes logo shown on the screen.

3. Connect your iDevice to your computer and the iTunes program will automatically start
4. Restore your device!
———- Extras ———-
How to fix power button (iPhone 4, but for all iPhones):
iPhone DIY repair (EXPERT ONLY):


Mumu Hahaha says:

My iphone is disabled and at the same time the power button is also broken, will this tutorial work? Because i connected it to itunes and it doesn't read my device bcoz it's disabled. So yeah comment asap thanks!

SquadBuilderXx Playz says:

what if i dont get the measage??????

1kindmoviemaker says:

What if my home button is broken?

Guy Duncanson says:

My iPhone was jailbroken and someone tried to restore it in the settings on the iPhone so now it's stuck on the apple logo. My power button doesn't work only my home button, will this still work?

SPOKERD24 says:

Thanks a lot, you made my day !!!

Quartisha Williams says:

I have an ipad 2 and the power button doesn't work. it is saying ipad is disabled. my battery percentage is at 96 percent and not draining fast enough. doesn't seem like its draining at all. is there any other way with a full battery

Sophie Dymore says:

hai can you please help me. I've already gone thru everything with the reboot etc and then my laptop decided to install the new update required, the iPhone was doing its last bit before coming on as if I've just bought it from the shop and then the iTunes and picture of power lead came on and now it stuck like that. what do I do now to resolve this?? thank you

trey smith says:

my phone is stuck on the apple logo screen and my phone is simply not dying. what do i did?

Bleu's World says:

my phone wont turn on and the power button dosent work so then what do i do its an Iphone 5c

Sabrina Ramirez says:

My brain just inploded. Thank you so much for this

Lamar Jennings says:

how do you see it turning on

Mason Gotti says:

hey so as soon as i plug it in i hold till i get apple

Mineraft Builds says:

Do i wait for the apple logo to appear then press the home button or press it strayt after i plug it in?

Kamil Koyuncu says:

Thank you very much. Tusind tak, det hjalp mig.

Jake Outdoors says:

mine just goes strait to lock screen can anyone help me out?

Advanc3d G4ming (ACG gamer) says:

thank you

reuben says:

my ipod 5 is stuck in this "loop" and its so annoying my home button is broken but my power button works please please help

Raymond Diaz says:

My power button is broken will fixing it get me to DFU Mode ?

Cai Hong Li says:

Hi. I forgot my password and it said to connect to itunes but my power button is broken. So I was wondering if  any of you know how to fix it.

Alex Tacobell says:

Me receiving a used jailbroken iphone 5 from my father with a broken lock, i unwittingly reset the iphone through the settings and im an experienced jailbreaker and when i realized what i did i thought oh easy fix DFU mode. Then i realized the lock was broken and i was fucked. I tried a lot of things including what's shown in the video and with no result. Please any alternatives?

Veska Vasileva says:

I have got iphone 6 plus please help me !!!!

Veska Vasileva says:

Hello! My iphone is disabled home button is broken how to recovery mode without home button ??

Brandon Lim says:

hey john i have a problem with my 3rd generation ipod touch.
The problem is this : every time i swith on my ipod touch, it will just show the logo and then it switches off after twenty seconds. Can you make a video of how to fix this?

Melissa Duman says:

yea but i dont have an apple computer or laptop so will it still work

EGMPredator says:

My iPod Touch(Gen 5) is broken…I tried to reset it but it didn't work.The battery is drained and it won't even show the red battery icon when i try to turn it on.I waited around 3-6 months to get a new charger (I'm lazy lol) but once i got the new charger, my iPod still did nothing.I need help, anybody know what I can do?

Elizabeth C says:

Thank you

Toms Channel says:

Did not work! Have an iPhone 4S, which is disabled and says connect to iTunes, but iTunes says that the iPhone is locked and type in the passcode on the iPhone which it doesn't let me do. The lock button is broken, then I found this video, I tried this method but when I held the home button when it was booting up from dead, it did nothing but boot up normally! Not happy, any solutions?

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