How to Downgrade Any iOS Firmware

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Learn how to successfully downgrade any iDevice running ANY iOS. If you experience any problems, please feel free to comment in the comments section below or message me and I’ll try my very best to help you fix the issue you’re experiencing!

***Although I have only used and tested this method myself on only a few firmwares, many viewers continue to confirm that this method works on even the most recent firmwares. I am not liable if a certain firmware does not work using this method, however all firmware SHOULD work.***

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Windows hosts file location: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\

New line in hosts file:
…and if that one doesn’t work correctly, try this one:


IPSW download links:

How to Edit the Hosts file on a Mac:

RecBoot for Windows:
RecBoot for Mac:

iTunes download link:

Written Instructions:

1) Download the IPSW file of the firmware you’re trying to downgrade to.
2) Enter your iDevice into DFU mode and plug it into your computer.
3) Open Notepad as an Administrator and add the line
4) Save the hosts file.
5) RECOMMENDED: Transfer your Purchases and Back Up, in case of an issue that erases your apps, data, and settings.
6) Go into iTunes, hold Shift down (or Alt or the options key if on a Mac) and click Restore. Find the IPSW file of the firmware you’re trying to downgrade to, click open, and confirm the restore.
7) ONLY IF AN ERROR OCCURS: Download, extract, and open the RecBoot application and click Exit Recovery Mode.
8) Downgrade is complete!
9) Remove the line we had earlier placed in the hosts file if you plan on ever using iTunes to restore or update your firmware again.

Thank you so much to ComputerHowToGuru for creating the video intro!


Julien Gascon Edgerton (Vomi) says:

if this works i send rare pepes

TechReviews BiggestFan says:

Does this work with iOS 8.4.1 to iOS 8.4?

Chase Golem says:

If your iDevice gets stuck in recovery mode hold down the home and power button until the apple logo shows

CoultonDaCreeper says:

error 3914

Prajapati Chirag says:

how to downgrade ios 8.3 to 8.0 or 8.1

jess robert says:

This does not work, just look at the date of this video, it's ancient! this should not even be in you~tube

Alexander Childs says:

ok just use google chrome to download it because it really works

Falco luis says:

Just saw this vid cause I was looking a way to downgrade iOS 8.3 to any firmware like iOS 7 or even iOS 6 on my iPod touch 5th gen. This video is 4 years old and I'm wondering if this method will work on iOS 8'. It was so much easier downgrading back then 

subzero9024 says:

How do you make your ipsw firmware in to a Lego block? Cause mine is always in a folder and it won't let me downgrade. Please help 

Paper Koops says:

RecBoot says "your device is now being kicked out of Recovery Mode" but nothing happens and I already waited an hour

Aditya Ramesh says:

Hey guys Whoever is saying they got error 3194 This method ONLY works for downgrading to latest version For Example-iOS 8.1.3 – 8.1.2 and iOS 7 – 6.1.3.
It will NOT work for 8.1.3 to 7 or 7.1 to 7.0.4 or anything like that.

doomexpert says:

downgrade ios 8.1.3 is impossible. is there any tool what i can download to downgrade that fucking ios 8.1.3. i never had to buy a iphone. Apple doesnt make people happy.

erik stokes says:

The ipsw file isn't showing up in iTunes 

jesus duran says:

can i downgrade from ios 7.0.3 to ios 7.1??? 

Djordje Jovic says:

When iTunes is extracting software to restore my iPhone to iOS 6.1.3,an error message shows up with an error code = 3194. What do i do?

Terry Harmon says:

why do people bother with apple crap phones and mac computers people must attracted to the logo.

Solo Money says:

Im getting a error code-code 11 on itunes -how do i fix that -im trying to downgrade-firmwire on my is 5.0.00- verision on my phone is 7.0.2-i have a -iphone 4s version-need help with error code 11

TheiPhoneBloggerFans says:

Are you sure?

Stacey Nash says:

rec boot seems to be stuck on dfu_connect_callback. What is my next move?

Combatowner100 | Shooting Stars to 1,000 Subscribers! says:

Did you do exactly what said.

Kevin McElroy says:

This did not work.

nadir mohamed says:

so after i pressed existing recovery mode and delete the stuff for the notepad, wha am i ment to do next

Sora : Keyblade's Chosen One says:

Anyone has a vid on how to downgrade ios 7.0.2 back to 6.1.3…its my original version since i buyed my iPad Mini

Elk TheMelk says:

Does this shit still work

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