How to Delete Remove Hide Purchased App History iPhone iPad iPod App Store itunes

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albert perez says:

I don't have my iphone with me, if I delete the app from itunes, will it delete from my phone too?

Swaggerdagger99 says:

How do u undo this

kopparthi sai says:

I have hidden a paid app now not able to find now what will happen

Rick Grimes says:

What if you have an old email and want to change it to your new one from iCloud and everything? Make a vid of that please!

xxFlippyAnimationsxx says:

I hided an app a very long time and I want to purchase it again but I forgot what it's called how do u revive hiding apps

JungkookIsMyBias Suga infiresMe says:

I wanna delete the deleted apps!!its annoying af

Hazman Noor says:

This is 2015 iTunes. What about 2016 iTunes?

Tiger Blue says:

the "purchased" option is not apearing what do i do?

ariel allen says:

wait, so what site r u on to be able to go to the app store from your computer, I can't find mine.

Jat Abrnts says:

Mine doesnt show purchased and even wish list

Irina Adi says:

in 2016 , still we have to delete useless apps by doing itunes on the computer . no direct option right from the appstore in the iphone ,,, fck that.

gus zakk says:

tooooooo slow this way..

Maher Karo says:

I love you

Franzel “Francel” B says:

Thanks for this but it doesn't show us how to delete the app.

Mint_ Kookie says:

I saw SHINee odd album XD

Daddy Mixes says:

Do I need a Apple computer

Anime Angel says:

I can't do any of this because there's no hide button on my phone and I don't have a computer to do this either.

Arthur Guerrero says:

I had been having trouble removing an app from my kid's account that I no longer wanted her to use. Logging in to iTunes (under her icloud account) was the only way to remove it from her app purchases. Unfortunately it did not reset the need to ask permissions. As far as I can tell, once you approve your kid's request, you cannot disapprove it later. If anyone has a workaround please comment!

SteveJ619 says:

Bi don't want to hide it … I need to delete the app history so I can log into the same game with a different log in…..but my previous game keeps logging in after I delete it and re install it

Yingtong Sun says:

it's really helpful! thank u so much

Desiree Santos says:

That's not an option for the iPhone . What do I do?

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