How to Copy Video from Your Computer to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch (iOS Device)

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In this tutorial Gary from show you how to copy those movies/videos to your iOS device whether it be an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. It works the same way on Windows or a Mac. Always make sure you have the latest version of iTunes.

If you want to add video to your camera roll this video will help

If your files won’t drag across or allow them to be added to the library it could be that it is not in the correct format, see this video to convert them:
Windows version:
Mac version:


Hi I'm A Robot says:

doesn't work for me. I drag it on and nothing happens

pringle100 Pringle says:

Thx it actually works because I made a intro on my computer for my new videos thx

Sam Counsell says:

who often asks you about this…

xxx Husky xxx says:

Doesn't work :(

Olga Dvornikova says:

can you watch movies offline? no wifi or internet

Taanya Puthran says:

Thank you so much

Anthony Dunk says:

Good explanation thanks. But I wish Apple would change it so that you can just plug in a cable and use a file browser to drag the files you want across. That would be so much simpler.

Franc Evan Dela Cruz says:

tnx for the video…know i can put music and movies to my iphone….

Irene M. says:

I already transfered my recorded videos from computer to my iphone.. however there's a problem I couldn't save those videos to my there a way how to do it?

Vordat says:

Hey man I don't have a mac so how would I do it with a pc?

ZERO reyes says:

Thank you for the vid

omima ahmed says:

when i just download the video in my mobile i cant share any where only to watch
how to shre in whatsapp or photo >?

SyntheticCZ says:

thanks man!

Jessa Flux says:

Where will I find the video once it's synced to my ipod?

Pattreth says:

thx – i'm such a apple/itunes noob that it really helped me out!

Chris Sparks says:

perhaps you should have been more specific, as in how to copy them from windows computer to iOS devices

Kenneth H. Garris says:

thank you so much

Levis Brown says:

wheres movies on the ipad

Arkadi Fomintsev says:

at about 1:30 you start to say how

Genesis Maldonado says:

It doesn't work. Won't let me put the videos on itunes.

p1p37z says:


hun bunheng says:

thank you so much

Abbie&Michael says:

Thanks it worked

Noora Al Saifi says:

how can I show the video on Photos app so i can share it and use it by an app for editing

Hunter Wilhelm says:

i want to get videos to my iphone camera roll from my mac…. not into my movies im trying to post a video on IG

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