How to connect your iPad to a projector, screen or TV

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Learn how to connect your iPad via leads or wireless.


Eric Yanez says:

does anybody know how 2 connect a Pantech tablet to a projector does it need a certain app to be turned on I cannot seem to connect it

Aodin Projector says:

iPad to Aodin projector using Airplay. Very easy to be honest.

Norah Ibrahim says:

Hello, I have HDMI lightning cable, , and i want to connect my ipad to projector, so i bought convert cable HDMI to VGA, I tried it and it didn't work!!
What to do?

Dylan Voss says:

The hat was awesome I even got a vga adapter too.

Auliya Rahman Effendi says:

Is there any specification for the projector itself ? I'm using iPad Air 1

Jayden Jones says:

I presume it doesn't charge when it's plugged in?

SurvivalGamer98 Lol says:

Does it work on Xbox 360

xan page-brown says:

i didn't know you were from the uk

David Templeman says:

great Video so simple, but I have the hdmi cable plugged in to my Viera pnasonic tv, buy the tv says no connection, need to connect to the output in my ipad 2 ! any ideas please, David

Vanessa Gregoire Johnson says:

Thanks! Love the instructions; clear, concise and enhanced by the accent 😉 Appreciate it! Helped me at work.

Tanner Mead says:

Cant you just take the iPad charger and plug it into the usb port on the side of the projector?

MJ Torrente says:

I love it coz i have no idea that u can use ur ipad

Alan Heck says:

What about cableless connection between projector and ipad Ü8and does it have to be an ipad or could it be a similar pad?)

SparrowHawkEH says:

Thanks! This helps a lot!

xzqzq says:

Can an I Pad be connected to external devices, such as keyboard, mouse, external HD, etc, the way a laptop may be ?

Jane smith says:

What if i lost my projector's remote and can't conncet with my ipad??

Jane smith says:

What if i lost the remote?

Nicola Besley says:

Thank you you made that very easy for me

Fitro Nurhakim says:

can u tell us about apple tv alternatives..

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