How to Connect iPhone and iPad to TV: Wireless (Apple TV, AirPlay), HDMI and VGA; Mirror iPad to TV

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Connect iPad & iPhone to TV Screen wireless: Apple TV/AirPlay without cables and using HDMI/VGA cable with adapter. iPhone connects to TV pretty much in the same way you connect an iPad – if you have an Apple TV, it is exactly the same, all wirelessly using the AirPlay option. “How to Fix AirPlay problems”:

I love to watch iPad on TV (mostly YouTube videos on the bed) and even play games on TV. Apple TV is my favorite option, lots of fun!

00:10 The Options: cables and adapters; apple tv
00:20 The right Adapter
00:36 HDMI: selecting the input source
00:49 Connecting iPhone to TV using HDMI
01:04 Videos in Full Screen; Games in Dual Screen
01:14 Plugging the Charger in the Adapter to save battery
01:29 VGA: only video, no audio;
01:42 VGA: connecting to Projectors
02:08 Apple TV: connecting Wireless, Wifi,
02:30 Apple TV: AirPlay; Control Center: mirror screen
03:08 Final words

HDMI to VGA Adapter (to connect the Apple TV to VGA Monitors and Projectors), affiliate link:
Rankie HDMI to VGA, 1080P with 3.5mm Audio Port:
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iOS: About Apple Digital AV Adapters
How to use the Apple Digital AV Adapter, Lightning to Digital AV Adapter, VGA Adapter, or Lightning to VGA Adapter to connect various iOS devices to an external TV, projector, or display:

How the Apple TV allows teachers and students to share their iPad’s screens (mirror the screen) with the whole classroom:

* three ways “using Apple solutions”, I mean.
If you are using a great third party solution/adapter/software that deserves a mention, please, post a comment!

Written, Performed and Produced by Everson Siqueira

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Toby Gaming says:

My ipad air 2 wont open, the screen is black. But it still works because its giving me alarms, and I can hear it when charging. If i use a hdmi cable, will I see the display on the tv?

Kevinooo rua sulca says:

BUEN BUEN VIDEO , GRACIAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Xaleen Hortz says:

Question. I have an iPad Air 2 updated to iOS 10 but I only have a Non Apple Tv and its not a smart tv neither. Can you please tell me how I can function this airplay mirroring? Thanks!

BBB says:

Is it possible to do it wirelessly without Apple TV?

X 9 says:

I want to remove the Option to beam to the TV on my iPad but all results on YouTube come up with HOW TO, any help? :(

Asia Barrett says:

Do you have to be connected to wifi for any of the solutions? Or can you just use your phones data?


Hey gumdu Hz r u ????????????????????????????????????

Takami Chika says:

I don't have Apple TV

Kenny says:

I have not a icon button on my Ipad air 2 help me pls i have online Airdrop

Andrew Harward says:

Is there a way to connect your iPad to a monitor or television without mirroring the screens? Let's say I have a word document pulled up on my iPad and a website on the monitor. Is the iPad capable of doing that? I know this feature is available on the Macbook Pro, where you can uncheck Mirror Displays, just curious if you can do the same on the iPad.

Yana Ning says:

Good presentation! could slow down a little bit at Wi-Fi part.

ItzMinterzz says:

Does sky go work with apple tv somebody please reply to this

Lott Cruz says:

can i have 1 of your for free

Plojoe Right says:

My Apple TV isn't picking up my iPad and watching this video is giving me the shits

Simon Cooke says:

I use my iPad to run keynote all the time I would love to use the Apple TV over a lead but I don't always have wifi is there a way round this I am happy to buy what ever is needed thanks

Nathan England says:

When I try to use air play from my iPad to the TV it keeps kicking my iPad off any suggestions??

Patrick Moreira says:

obrigado! Really helped me out, looks like I might just invest in Apple Tv haha

Diamomds Forever says:

Can i use without the adapter

Abdulaziz Aleisa says:

Does the cable attach to iPad pro

Gio Surma says:

Need advice! Will HDdmI adapter work on safari? I mean if i want to watch something through safari on a website? Answer pleas

Camilla Espindola says:

Can I use the HDMI mode in an iPad 2??

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