How to Connect External Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive to iPad (iOS 6 – 10)

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Things you’ll need:
-iPad (jailbroken)
-iFile (Jailbroken App)
-USB hard drive or flash drive
-Powered USB hub
-Wall Charger for iPad
-Lightning to USB Camera Adapter


Dyon van Garderen says:

Can i use a powerbank to power the external harddrive?

FunnyTube 2016 says:

No..u have to buy the Lightning to usb camera adapter

FunnyTube 2016 says:

Idiot how much will u make us spend..

slamminhammo says:

Is IFile still available as I cannot see anything in Apple store that has the same icon?

Origami BY Kríšhñâ Dárÿañí says:

Will it work on iphone

Tony Stark says:

I own 2 ipads and 3 iphones, but I have to admit, Apple is probably one of the most greedy companies on the planet, they intentionally limited the ability to use drives so you can spend more money on bigger storage Apple devices, an extra 32GB will cost your $99 – $199 dollars, how effing insane is that?

thomas bradham says:

where can i fine "iFile"? You say it SO FAST that i am not sure where to find it. I looked on the app store for the iPhone/iPad and i didnt see anything that was about 4 dollars. PLEASE HELP ME…..

Tiffany Marlow says:

I only came here for the cool wood iPad…

ripu daman singh says:

This is JUST RIDICULOUS tht a tech company most loved product has such limitation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why they can sell this is people think "PRETTY COOL"!!!!!!!


How about transferring movies and TV shows?

Phill Ashley says:

So you need 14 other things and 7 extra leads…

ReyMachupap says:

Need jailbraeck?

Basar Cetin says:

is it work ios 10.1

Emmanuel Reyes says:

even though I know this video is from 13 I hope people know there are flash drive for IOS devices, he waisted more on those wires then a flash drive

Emmanuel Reyes says:

How about people just buy a 26 dollars flash drive (SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad (64GB) or Double End 64GB i-FlashDrive HD 8Pin USB Flash Drive there are tons out there don't downgrade yourself to mess with all those wires

Kwesi Fortune says:

where would you recommend to get a jail break for an ipad

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