How to connect Apple TV to WiFi without Apple TV Remote

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In this video, I show how to connect WiFi on your Apple TV without an Apple TV remote.

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Garrison says:

Mine won't show up on my iPad

James Dukes says:

Works like a charm. Thanks…

Mike Farese says:

Can you pair the 3rd gen apple tv remote with the new 4th gen apple tv?

Chrissy Bryant says:

How the hell did he pair them with his phone

Baheb Elcima says:

Thank u … You saving my money…

Alejandro Castro says:

Tks you save my life!!!

Andy Martini says:

Thanks so much, this is awesome!

Hazel Spence says:

thank you it worked perfectly !!

underdog65 says:

thanks you very much bro

‫العنود التويمي‬‎ says:

if ur iPhone already navigate ! what else do u wanna do ?

Casara Lee says:

It didn't work for me. I still needed needed the remote to connect to wifi, although I did plug the Apple TV to my ethernet but nothing happened.


good job you helped us a lot #myhopewillneverdie

Bella Maldonado says:

This literally helped! Saved my day! Thanks so much!

Sabine Lucas says:

Thank you so much!!!

amagiccarpet gaming says:

this would probably work if apple wouldnt abandon products so fast… i need ios 7.1 or higher to get anything, ipod 4 is dead…and apple tv is an expensive paperweight.

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