How To connect an Apple iPod, iPhone to your Aux jack on a MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS

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Hi, this ‘How To’ video shows you how to connect your Apple iPod, iPhone, MP3 or mobile phone to a 2012 Mercedes Benz C class (W204) to allow you to play your music through the cars speakers. Others cars will have a similar setup.
Many thanks Vince


Lesley Law says:

I have this car, 2014 but the connector in the console in the middle of the two front seats isn't a 3.5 jack it's an ipod connector. My nano doesn't have bluetooth so I need to connect using a cable but I can't work out if the ipod connector is on one end, what should be on the other end?

William gissy says:

I have it all set upon my 2012 GLK 350 turned on the radio……..can't find Audio…!

Joe Rogan says:

This is Totes aux

Roberto D. says:

i can't use bluetooth audio or aux because my knob comand stopped working. wtf eh? sucks balls!

faentildrittsie says:

why use aux when you have bluetooth audio?? :p

wajih saloura says:

Does Mercedes c180 Kompressor have this ?

Carlos Rivera says:

anyone knows where the 2015 G550 aux jack is?

Max Sokolov says:

Кто нибудь пробовал такую штуку

Sukhwinder Singh says:

Well the problem you got is the steering wheel appears to be on the wrong side.

Andy Anderson says:

Does anyone knows where is AUX input for Mercedes E200 2010???? cant find it anywhere 🙁

Space Monkey says:

Does this work with the IPhone 7?

v̥i̥o̥n̥n̥e̥t̥ says:

Thank you so much for this! I've had an aux cord for a little over a month now and I haven't been able to figure out how to get it working. This is so freaking helpful, thanks again.

Datuna Dadiani says:

do you need to connect it where earphones connect? and does it work with calls?

Schath 0099 says:

Hey! Does it work on a mercedes-benz C220 2011 ?

Mike Morgan says:

please can I get your phone.

FilmKanalen says:

Just use Bluetooth audio

Adrian Cardenas says:

will this work on a 2013 c250?

mtkl23 says:

people who cant figure this out by them selves shouldn't get cars this complicated…

Midn Muse says:

hahaha! all sort of rubbish! thats right! 1D is rubbish!

الموالي للميديا says:

Hi! Any idea where I can find the aux jack in a ( e220 , 2011) ? Please help.

S.D.Photography says:

i have a c180 2010 avandtgarde and am searching everywhere for the port :s

Zahi Mrad says:

does all w204 have this?

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