How to Clean your iBook or MacBook Laptop

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A lot of people send me emails asking how to clean their laptop. So I have created a video showing how I do it. I use Windex, Alcohol, and WD-40 for most everything.


Rob Lutter says:

WD40 & Alcohol… You're cleaning a laptop not a bicycle.

Robloxs Xtremeguy says:

Will this work with cillit bang?

Marcus Rowan says:

Any specific concentration or % of alcohol we'd need to get?

Timothy Shek says:

I have an aluminum MacBook Air. How do I clean it?

Adrian Sanchez says:

this guy is an idiot lmao

GarageBand Songs says:

I have an iBook G3 snow with a nasty smelling keyboard. It smells like sweat. Do you have any tips?

Dusty says:

I know this may be a waste of your time, but I just purchased a used macbook. It has light scratches from usage. It is a 2008 late model, white, and I would like to remove as many scratches as possible. Can one use car polish? Just wondered. I have cleaned as you indicated. It looks bright and beautiful now, but the scratches are a little bit of a problem for me. A clear case may work if removing the scratches are a no go. Thanks in advance.

Luke Horsey (Horseyhoo) says:

Will this work on aluminium MacBooks/Macbook Pros?

Fussy Lawn Care says:

Do you get a lot of emails asking " Where is part 2 to how much memory do you really need" ? 🙂 Just kidding….. seriously though, where is part 2?

Ecidemon says:

Never ever spray windex or anything else directly on the screen!
If and when you get moist inside the glass sandwich that is the lcd screen it will be permanently damaged.

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