How to check heart rate on Apple Watch

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When you are done measuring your hear rate, you can view this data in the Health app on your iPhone. Just open the Health app, tap Health Data at the bottom and then Vitals. In the vitals section, there is a section for the heart rate data.

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very disappointing video. TOO SLOW. Just tell us.

Cary Clan says:

What a pain in the ass! Stop making videos please.

Beanpolejd1 says:

This sucked. Still can't figure out how to use the heart rate monitor. A demo would be more useful.

Tony says:

I seriously hope you heart rate shows 0


Are you serious? Turn a five second explanation into a frikin two minute video?

Newton Wong says:

Worst video ever!

pancho lopez says:

charlie chaplin video

edward houlton says:

That was SHIT

Ramon Vasquez Jr. says:

What a fucking annoying video, jesus h christ

Armoury Services says:

My heart rate went up from 62 to 74 just watching this. Watching glaciers slide down mountainsides is more exciting and quicker getting to the point!

What's next, a clay animation video showing how to use the remote app?

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