How To Charge Apple Laptop WITHOUT Apple Charger (iBook)

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how to charge apple iBook laptop without stock AC apple charger adapter


Said Tech says:

hello can u give us schematic for that i have powerbook g4 but no charger apple where to fit the two wires thanx ? two inside ? thanx in advance

LeaderWolfMCYT Gaming says:

will this work on any laptop? if so, i have an old tablet, before the ipad was released, that takes a 12v charger. this would really help

Mr. Macadamien says:

Can you do something like this with macbook air?

Brian Rubi says:

bro can help me with my laptop because my charger is broken like yours how did you make that charger bro ??

Bellaranger says:

i can do my air can i ?

Don don says:

how do I connect the safety pin to the cable cord?

Cassie Martinez says:

can u make a video on how to make it?

SebyMarioFan 384 says:

Does it work for 15inch Powerbook G4?

zeman mihia says:

I don't get it

Việt Hưng Nguyễn says:

how to make that?

Julia micheal says:

That is danergrouse u might get Electricuted

Kappa Lucain says:

My Mac is different…

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