How to Charge an iPod with fruits.

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Charing ipod/iphone for free.
We apologize for the Music ” Owl City” it wont happen again.


Eric Carroll says:

how long do it least

Daniella Bedell says:

Great to see that… I made it too. Using inplix handbooks :)

1M views says:

Instead of fruits, if this guy put the electrodes(nails) in his buttocks n insert USB port in his asshole can charge 100s of ipods.Very fake idiot.

Project DIY says:

Owl city. The good old days.

atif99ful says:

the more bananas the more charging speed????????????????

atif99ful says:

the more bananas the more charging speed????????????????

Evelyn Mezzich says:

I tried to do it but it didn't work. I need help. It's for a third grade science class tomorrow. I used screws instead of nails. Does that matter? I also used an orange instead.

Радио Пират says:

Обезьяна ты физику учил в школе?

Atyey Munjely says:

great video! i charged my laptop, phone, tab, television, light bulbs, microwave, chimney, washing machine and geyser with just one banana. the government is lying to us about the energy using coal, actually they have been using 2-3 bananas in their power plants. ever wondered why its called a "power plant"? that's all folks!

Jim Maier says:

Damn, and I was so stupid and used a charger, while I could have just bought fruits every day to make it turn on for a few minutes 😉
You can do the same with your car, when running out of fuel. Just put one pineapple and one kiwi on anode and cathode of the battery, and the tank will fill up again with fuel. It's the culmination of the homer-polar engine and the Schmidt-Dudenheimer effect. The government hunts people down for spreading the knowledge. I've already said too much !

Vicky says:

what the fu*k…

Incognitó Arijit says:

Apple product get charged by n apple.. :)

ImperialTZG says:

subscribe to me plsss

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