How to Change App Store Country or Region on iPhone or iPad – No Credit Card Required

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I found this trick when I tried to download the Roomba iRobot Home App which is available only in US App Store
Let me know if it’s working for you. Your questions and comments are welcome ! Shopping from amazon?Daily up to 80% off:
Costs you nothing & you support me for making these videos!

“Danger Storm” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Edi De says:

Thx man
Idk before the none option didn't show but i went to the payment info and it worked

Camron Gaming says:

I saw discover

Marie Ève says:

Omg, I like the background music. Wow, so beautiful.

Hamza masloom says:

Please help me there is no "none" option, I cleared safari cookies and then didn't fill up the credit card option and still it says you need to fill your billing info

Ish - Panda says:

For critical Ops!!

Rehaan Ali says:

i didn't get the fucking #None option there please help ?

Edzo ClashYT - Clash Royal says:

How can u change back

Isabella Hansen says:

Thx for help

leandros nikolli says:

its not showing
admin help plsss i have an iphone se and i wanna transfer to japan for a game can u help me … thanks 🙁

Smith Gaming says:

If you change your location when you sign in it will change back I just did that

Tim Gony says:



there is no choice called "none" for visa or master…etc

shadowkid 6701 says:

This just about saved my life because I accidentally switch to the Chinese store in if I told my mom I would've killed me

boi. says:

he put region instead of religion

Roberto Felix says:

Thx very much it work😎🙂

Okelia Hurd says:

Yesss thank you so much it worked after i did all that i used a valid us address then clicked next and it said time out then when i went back in i had the us store!! 🙄👍🏾

Hjgfgkg Bbvcnnn says:

Did it with out u

Janjyot Soora says:

Thanks bud 🙂

Mohammad Alhashmi says:

Thx it helped me a lot

C Random says:

Thanks so much

yipeng TANG says:

I can't do it because I have 00.3 credits left, help!!

FunnyGuyFilms says:

I cant change my location because i got a credit balance

Redstone Gamer64 says:

Thanks! Lots of help!

Groovy Steezy says:

What screen recorder did you use ?

Big Cock says:

If you wanna go back to your original store simply log out of your apple account in the store log back in and it should move you back to your original store. This worked for me if it helped anyone your welcome 🙂

alvex ! says:

Thanks dude

Nita Nheb says:

0:28 I don't know how to answer!

Liøn Gaming says:

How do you go back!???

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