How To Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription

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Everyone is entitled to a three month free trial of Apple Music, but once that trial period has finished Apple will automatically resume your subscription and bill you.

There is a way to cancel the subscription before you billed however, but the option is pretty much hidden within settings. In this video I show you where to find this option however.

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Tom Wiseman says:

Thanks, but my God man …SLOW down and take a breath

Redrooster 05 says:

You ar the best person ever had to pay for a family membership saved me so much money

Ellle Shalamu says:

Thank you I only had $2.20 left and I was freaking out!

coolbreezy222 says:

You addressed the subject matter clearly and precisely! You gave me all the information I needed! Thank you!

Nikki Brianne says:

Thank you so much for this video it was so helpful

Seinive Pasikala says:

What if it doesn't show "manage" under subscription?

CraZy4GaMing says:

I can't find subscriptions can some one help me

Professor Knorr says:

Thank you SO much for this video. I have been trying to figure out how to save myself the $9.99 for quite a while. I couldn't have done it without your help! Thx

Verna Ferrari says:

Thank you so much, I was having such a hard time canceling apple music.

Dee Brown says:

These steps are NOT on the iphone. Subscriptions isn't an option. I guess ima just use my laptop

nito larioza says:

great advice

septiplier fan says:


Erin Roberts says:

Thanks this video is really helpful

Abzz 1290 says:

How can I cancel my FREE 3 months trail. Please help!!!

Anika Visser Anika says:

thankyou sooo much u saved my life

MigsDescalzo says:

When I click on manage it directs me to this website. WHAT DO I DO?!?! 😭😭😭😭😭

mysterypink says:


Brendan Daly says:

Can't fucking unsubscribe on my android. I want to get rid of my 30 day free trial.

Brendan Daly says:

how the fuck do I cancel my 30 day free trial on Android.

GD Hacker/pro says:

When the trial is finish the music will be deleted right?

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