How to Call on iPod Touch 5G for Free (No Jailbreak)

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In this video I demonstrate how to make free phone calls on the iPod Touch 5G. This also works for all previous models of the iPod Touch including the 2G, 3G, and 4G.



Superleximus says:

google no longer supports this


does the work without wifi?

francisco vargas salas says:

Can use the number with whatssapp

francisco vargas salas says:

Can use this app with whatssapp

CavingGaming says:

For England?

Deepjot Grewal says:

does it require internet to call

Coco Productions says:

you know it doesnt work without wifi

Dylan Banks says:

Dose not work

Cristian Castro says:

do u need wifi for it to work?

Shymiller Dose things says:

Can u do it with out wifi

Niyaz Hussain says:

+TechRax does it work on newer devices, such as Ipod touch 6g?

JSD Arms The Reloading Bench says:

Can I call my friends landline?

Sniper42 says:

No wifi needed?

Fin Moore says:

Notice on the front of the video it has his number

kawaiigirl11054 says:

i thought you had to pay for credits

Leopold Slikk says:

This doesn't work anymore :(

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