How to Bypass password on Mac Ibook

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This is a simple video on how to change the forgotten password on you mac ibook.
Turn off you computer. Power up you computer and press “Command” key and “R” Key. When the restore options appear, click on Utilities and go down to Terminal. Type “resetpassword”, another window pops up behind the current window. Go to the other window and select your HD and enter the new password and click “Save”. Shut down and restart 🙂 That’s it!!!
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Rey-Rey says:

When I go to the reset password screen Macintosh HD does not show up

Rey-Rey says:

When I type in reset password it comes up saying no available users

Jija Omar says:

The window doesn't pop up for me , it takes me to another window with choices for "I forgot password " "my password isn't working " or my keyboard isn't working" what's the problem? Also when I write reset password it gives me a lot of errors

Robert Lane says:

When I press command r it gives me Lock Icon with password that I don't know to? What do I do?

Esther Gomez says:

I tried to do this but when you said to click on the hard drive to complete the process I can't do that cuz that doesn't show on my screen

imperlast2 says:

any way to do this without using a mac keyboard?

TuxNova says:


Sarah Stewart says:

Worked a treat.

Flor Ramirez says:

will it work for ibook g4 10.4?

Ray Tomlinson says:

Doesn't work in iBook model M6497

Angel Guardamino says:

y eso funciona con la MacBook Pro 2015

Awais The Daily Vlogger says:

Will this work on a imac g4

Paul_Dodds 12 says:

Thank you so much, this helped a ton and made my day a hell of a lot better m8!

Bryce Reigle says:

are you okay

Bryce Reigle says:

this isnt a ibook omfg

George Berry says:

Do you lose your data by doing this?

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