How to backup your Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch through iTunes

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This video tutorial shows you how to create a backup image of your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPad 2 and iPod Touch. By creating a backup of your iOS device, you can simply plug-in your phone and restore it – along with your contacts, apps, music, movies and more. If you have recently upgraded from an Apple iPad 1 to an Apple iPad 2, you can also move your information quickly and easily to a new device. If you have additional questions, please feel free to connect with me on Facebook.



N8FX says:

iPhone 3G danm

Jafar Adam says:

I use TunesGo to back up music and videos from iTunes to pc or devices easily. and also can back up file from device or pc to iTunes in stead.

Casey Coomer says:

Does this back up texts messages as well?!?

John White says:

yes its the same device. I just copied my backup folder to a new computer.I have more than one backup but it doesnt give me the option to restore backup??

Dave Pleimann says:

HELLO.. Im been trying to restore backup on my iphone with itunes. it shows I have backup saved on itunes But it doesnt allow me to restore the backup?? WHat to i do about this??

Amina Mohamed says:

can you make another video with the updated pc because my computer doesnt look like yous and its confusing

Noah Meiner says:

For some reason, my iPhone doesn't show as working on the iMac! How do I make it sync to iMac?

could you please leave says:

i can make this if my iphone5c is disabled? i need to restore it but how i do the backup?

zer ox says:

so like… i havnt used my ipad for sooo long, almost a year, and i forgot the password… so i was wundering, if im making a backup and then rebooting the ipad, then make a password, does the backup save the password from before?

indianiecworld says:

i don't have backup option on my pop window when i right click on my device in iTunes :(((

Only options available:
-create new playlist
-transfer purchases
-reset warning

is there anything else???

TheBlueJay says:

Well, did the backup. Buuuuut… all app data is gone. No getting it back, cuz I traded in my old phone to get the new one. I still have the backup saved on my computer. Any help?

McDonald's Man says:

My iPod Touch, with the latest iOS, is saying that it can't be backed up because there isn't enough iCloud storage available. However, I just did a backup through the PC application, and it seemed to work fine. Any ideas?


hey I know where the devices are and everything but it does not let me click anything like backup or transfer what can I do ?//

Jan Michael Reyes says:

hi!! i was wondering if this method applicable for people who want to save everything from there iPhone to there new mac parsee?

Nora Aldossari says:

What do you mean

Nora Aldossari says:

No when I plug it in it just asks me trust or don't trust pc I press trust that's it nothing else comes to me 

Zaina Arekat says:

I have a question, or a couple of questions maybe…
I'm running my iTouch on iOS7, and I need to restore my device for some other reason. So if I backup my device, restore it, and use the backup, will i still have iOS7 or will iOS8 come in its place?
Does backup include apps and app versions? Lets say I am happy with the older twitter app version and I don't want to lose it for accessibility related issues. I am a blind iOS user, so those little details really mean a lot and makes a difference on how I interact with certain apps.
Thank you so much! A response from you is really appreciated!!

Taylor Chouinard says:

the device does not pop up for me? this also the right version as the video. what should i do?

Rebecca Hall says:

HELLO Can you advise how you can view the contents of the backed up IPAD material on the computer.  The reason for backing up the content was to ensure that if the IPAD was lost, the information etc. was on the computer. Thanks M

samer said says:

hello thanks  for  ur nice teaching  videos  i just have  a question  i did  a back up  and am upgrading to another i phone device  brand  new  how  ccould i  return  my  old  stuff in it   is it by  restore backup???  thank u

FahdTF says:

sooo when you backup its likesaving your data on computer, then for instance your phone has lost data we can restore it, right??

Elipsis150 says:

I plugged in my iPod Touch and tried this process and it didn't work. It gave me the option to transfer over my apps (which I opted not to do since I don't want them on my iPhone) and then it gave me the option to back up purchased content from the iTunes Store which I did… But that's ALL that it backed up… The rest of my library was not touched. How do I get it to back up all of my songs and not only the ones purchased from the iTunes store?

santabanta333 says:

how much space i need to save that image file on my pc, i have 64 gig ipod touch, with nearly 64 gig of data on that, and will it save my apps aswell? thanks

yusuf assaad says:

@Christian Karasiewicz do i have to click RESTORE BACKUP after i finished backing up my ipod touch

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