How To Back Up Your iOS Device Using iCloud

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Everyone who owns a mobile device should back up their data. Period. With iOS, you have two simple options: use iCloud or use iTunes. Jill Duffy explains how to back up using iCloud.


Tonio9606 says:

Does the iCloud backup store different information than the backup stored on the computer? Or do they hold the same information?

Arch angel says:

Wait, do you do this on your old iPhone or the new one?

Rebecca K says:

What happens when you back up your phone

Robert Bellavance says:

I had problems with this too. I found an easier way by trying things. Just go to devices, disconnect your device and then reconnect it. this will allow you to backup on icloud.

Leader of the Illuminati says:

There's no "Storage & Backup" button for me after I click on iCloud. What do I do?

Vxyd Games says:

Thx this really helped cause mine were backing up except I was confused definitely cleared things up like for me

ALR03 says:

Plug it in to what

CHERRY kerbey says:

You talk to fast and your confusing

king gut says:

When you update your iPhone software, does it delete all your data?

dexterdog62 says:

That broad has to come over and show me how to do it. I didn't understand any of that shit.

Jacob Godwin says:

Fun fact: this video teaches you how to backup your iCloud! Thank me later

Kyle The Gamer says:

you talk so fast when u show us shit

Kyle The Gamer says:

you talk so fast when u show us

Kyle The Gamer says:

you talk so fast when u show us

Kyle The Gamer says:

you talk so fast

Kyle The Gamer says:

you talk so fast

Kyle The Gamer says:

you talk so fast

crank that emo says:

Every time I try and backup my phone it keeps saying "The last backup could not be completed" please help

xSimplyRevx says:

Do u need to plug it in?

robsters gaming says:

how do you acces the back up says:

If you need you a free iphone and icloud unlocker hit me up

sgesq83 says:

apple is the only ios system that forces users to depend on wi-fi for software updates and cloud back up…….

rock lewis says:

How to free up memory using I cloud

Alwin Cruz says:

How about iOS 9.2.1

Daniel Corres says:

Is there any possibility to use iCloud backup on cellular data and not wifi? says:

iCloud Unlocker No Survey
<=============checkout my name, go there. It works

EH RH says:

You need s wifi connection to back up that fucken sucks because i dont got wifi just my T-Mobile service

ayane yokoya says:

whenever i try backing up, it always says it failed

Ayleen Mariscal says:

What about imessages

jesus jones says:

Icloud does not backup to anywhere. a complete joke.

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