How to 100% fix error -1 in itunes

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So recently i found myself struggling with an iphone 4 that just would not restore in itunes. No matter how many tries or how much googling i did, i found nothing. However i did end up finding a solution and figured i’d make a tutorial 🙂

STEP 1: you’re gonna want to go to and download the newest version of sn0wbreeze. (note it is a windows only program)

STEP 2: Open sn0wbreeze and create a custom ipsw for your device and the newest version of IOS.
This will prevent updating the basband. Error -1 is a result of a corrupt basband chip. However the phone does work just fine.

STEP 3: Run iReb in Sn0wbreeze to get your phone into pwned dfu mode. This will allow the phone to restore to the ipsw you created.

STEP 4: Open itunes and hold shift, then press restore and select the ipsw you created.

STEP 5: Your phone will look like this when restoring. Just sit back and relax now. You have successfully fixed error -1! 😀


Jerry Chan says:

wtf u doing…nothing helpfull….

akash akkiy says:

snow breeze cannot restore 9.3.5 ipsw
now we cannot flash custom ipsw on iphone because we dont have option downgrade ios

akash akkiy says:

i have hard rested my iphone 4s gsm 16gb
and then i m unable to restore it , my iphone is dead from last 3 months
ive tried everything to restore
i m getting 2 errors
1st error 3194, but ive checked that hosts file edit method, but if i edited my hosts file it solve the proble 99%
coz as soon as i by pass error3194 by hosts file editing method ive started getting (-1)error now i had also remove the battery connection
checked with itunes version but still i m unable to restore if anyone have any solution plz help
thank you
srry 4 bad english

noneOfUrDamnBusiness says:

I had an error -1 (and error 48) when trying to restore my iPhone 5s too. I managed to get it working again by cooling the phone down a lot (i used an ice pack – normally for injuries) and then doing the restore via iTunes while the phone ist still very cold. I read this online and thought it was a bunch of crap but it really worked for my phone.

Obviously you should be careful not to cause more damage by cooling it too much. Hope it works for you too. Good luck.

Raheeme Colding says:

what about if it is on a iPhone 5c

Mr. MoNeYyy says:

ok but i have an iphone5s

Слободан Бранковић says:

for people asking, this is for a4-based devices only. ireb/sn0wbreeze uses the limera1n exploit, which is only for a4 devices (ipod touch 4th gen, iphone 4, ipad 1 and the 2nd generation apple tv).

Rawand Hameed says:

I will never buy an iphone again , i feel stupid for using ios shit all these years there is 1 simple solution >>> Android

mohamed horani says:

Well i tried to update my wife's iphone 5s to iOS 9.2.1 the first attempt it gave me Error -1.
I retried again doing nothing just watching 😀 it fixed the problem haha
Fuck you #Apple

Muhammad Bilal says:

i have iphone 5

Arther Kirkland says:

Well granted it wont do recovery mode however it wont turn on now… thanks…

sgim43 says:

multiple people have asked how to do this on a mac… no answers. Anyone? (Can't open the .exe snowbreeze file because it is a Windows file)

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