How I take Notes (College) using my iPad Pro!

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Application Used: Microsoft One Note

iPad Pro 9.7 inch
128 gb

I chose the 9.7 inch, because I felt as though it was more comfortable in the hand. The 12 inch was rather large. I feel like if I’m going carry around a device thats 12 inches I might at well just grab my Mac.

Belkin Apple Pencil Case and Stand:


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Santos Medina says:

Wow this is awesome

AiLikeLoveYou says:

If it's 9.7 inches, is it actually a pro and not just an ipad?? :/

Christian Juul Anthonsen says:

Thanks for the awesome tip!

Pietro De Lucia says:

I probably would start start following the way you take notes… If I had an iPad Pro 😂😂

Button Rabbit says:

You just need a thousand dollars 😂

VanillaSnake21 says:

Note taking is such BS. It's a cheap way to pass the class since you don't have to really understand anything just memorize the narrow context of the notes and ace the exam. If you actually want to learn the course material or actually care, then first read the chapter, then come to class and just sit and listen, then do lots of problems/answer questions at end of chapter and you've absorbed about 10x as you would have by just reading stupid notes.

C.J. Pacheco Agosto says:

with notability or goodnotes there's no point on using onenote

Juanky Núñez Serrano says:

or you can use a notebook

农民 says:

More like how to pass time during classes.

profetik777 says:

This was amazing. Wish I had this back in college. Gonna share w students

Alice Ashes says:

you dont need an ipad. you need OneNote that is compatible with all devices.

Katie Johnson says:

You should use GoodNotes. It cost money but it's so good

Artemis FacePalm says:

The Apple Pencil is so damn expensive

Gloria Ann says:

This is awesome!

Victoria Salgado says:


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