How does the Apple Watch work? A first look

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You can’t buy one until next year but the Apple Watch was unveiled on Tuesday. This brief video demonstrates how you’ll use the watch when it arrives in early 2015.


Tina Harris says:

350 for this piece of shit? ha…

KC C says:


eric fernandez says:

Funny. Could've swore I saw a couple of watchOS 2 features on that first beta 

ʘ‿ʘ ʘ‿ʘ says:

Orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists will work with this new generation of watches.
You will have a lot of people in pain in the arm to keep them for a long time in this position. : D

Nancy Sharma says:

I have many question about Apple watch .Can we text message ? Can we use viber ,Facebook etc? can we download program??plzz come one sAy me 

Erik Martin says:

if it was 100 bucks maybe, but i can take out my phone and use it quicker then staring at a little watch lol, WAY OVERPRICED 

Daniel Gonzalez says:


john natoli says:

Probably the dumbest thing I've seen in a very long time

Ganjah King says:

I'll get it when it's $120, make glass protectors for it and that's it, doesn't need to be that expensive crystal unless you want to spend that much, but same technology stainless China and a good glass with extra glass protector on it, more people would own it like the iPhone, not everyone owned it now a lot do, that's like buying another iPhone, you might as well wait for the iPhone 7

Iamc Ex says:

3 words: stupid.

John Xyrus Wayne Aquino says:

I don't find it interesting. I'll just use my phone anyway. 

Don Miller says:

Pretentious yuppie toy.
Just another tech toy for the herd so they can say…
"look what I have"
"Look what I can afford"

I don't even wear a watch anymore because I can get the time on my phone.
I may be wrong but can't you do whatever this watch will do, already, on your phone?
If this watch has a feature that isn't on your phone, can't you get an app somewhere for the phone that will do the same thing? And even if the watch has a unique function, available nowhere else, do you really need that function to justify paying 350.00 bucks for the watch? Really?

To me it's like paying an extra 100.00 bucks a month for the extended cable package from your local provider. Does anyone really watch 200 cable channels? But I imagine people will be lining up down the block to buy one. American consumer mentality.  Use the credit card to buy shit you don't need with money you don't have.

Sam Sam says:

At&t rep reported their will be a extra $10 charge for Apple watch users on their phone bill. 

Li Na says:

yup a waste of money after all…. and look like an idiot hovering over that tiny screen in public is just gonna be glorious. ggwp apple ggwp

Elblob says:

Here's an idea! Save 500 dollars and buy a freaking normal watch!

José Gómez Perello says:

Cuando se puede comprar

Mateusz Wojtkiewicz says:

It's going to be really wasy to tap those small-ass icons while on a train, bike or walking. Great desing :|

Jerry Wong (Megaman624705) says:

Apple what direction are you going for ipad mini fail, ios 8 fail, icloud hacked, iphone 5 battery fail, imac pro trash can joke, iphone 6 somewhat bendable , iphone 6 plus bendable with a chance of bending too far causing battery to explode. Now the Apple watch a watch that can go up to 17k. People that are upper class will not get a 17k watch even if they want to show off. They would just get a rolex. People don't need all that gimmicky stuff on a smart watch. You need your Apple phone to use it and it isn't water proof

TheMaux64 says:

it's awful

KVPD says:

Great demo. Still a fail device :(

KVPD says:

If we've learned anything about Apple screens is that they are useless in daylight. This is a fail device that no one is calling out for being one. Time will cast this concept aside for real world innovations.

Tin Man says:

How often do you have to wind it?

Menibor1 says:

Can u check facebook on that?

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