Home Sharing with iPad and Apple TV

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The tutorial above teaches you how to set up something called iTunes Home Sharing. Home Sharing is a free service provided by Apple that allows you to connect and stream content between multiple devices in your home. While the video is very information I’ll break down some basic terms and steps below to help get you up and running.


CrazyEH says:

I have set up home sharing on all my devices & when I go to music it says "no music purchased" but i have music.

Diane Knight says:

Hi there, I wanted to email you privately, anyway can you recommend an app or programme to download to my apple iPad pro, you see yes I can download bigfishgames app and yes there are games that will let me play a few games, but I only like the odd puzzle games, and yes I can get about four solitaire games, but no they will not let me play any of the solitaires games About four and that is all, I have purchased several but the iPad Pro will not let me download let alone play my solitaires, please can you or anyone help me please?

Luxxy aj says:

What if mine has a writing called No SIM? Will it still work

DJ Takin' It Back says:

I have an Apple TV in my living room.  I use Netflix via my Apple TV.  Netflix only allows me to stream from four devices. Those four devices I have chosen were two tablets, my TV and my mac.  Now here is my question. If I purchased another 2 Apple TVs for my my other two bedrooms would I have to obtain another two Nexflix accounts since I have already authorized the allowed four devices from my original Netflix account or can I somehow link them together.

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