HD How To Fix Undetected & Not Recognizing Apple iDevice (iPhone/iPad/iPod) In iTunes Windows 10/8/7

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HD Tutorial On How To Fix Undetected Apple iDevice (iPhone/iPad/iPod) In iTunes On Windows 10. Steps to fix detection of Apple devices in iTunes to synchronize content from PC to iPhone / iPad / iPod . Methods to try fix sync with iPhone transfer pictures, videos, music, apps by installing Apple Device Drivers.


J2XG inc says:

Fucking thank you only person with a brain about how to make tech support videos new sub man

Mark Signor says:

A big thanks for solving my problem!!!!

Nikk says:

in my portable devices it doesnt show up

FN gaming 123 says:

That fucking noise wtf

Oscar bernal says:

thanks you are a fucking genius:D

Cronk Donk says:

Thanks sooooo much dude!! This saved me hours of time!! I’ve been looking for videos like these all over YouTube and there was noting! Thanks a heap bro!!

kumatora abomination says:

didn't work

Byron Smith Vlogs says:

Who else was on the phone with apple and they couldn't help but this guy did. Thanks man.

Hasan Bazerbashi says:

Dude thanks! 😀 It worked!

Entertainment Central says:

if there's a problem with the usb connection, what should I do?

Manny Nazario says:

why do all tech support guys speak at an audio level of like 2.1 out of 10

Zeetee_10 says:

only video that helped thank you !!!!

Eslam Ehab says:

When i connect my ipad or my iphone 6 they are recognised and work perfectley but when i connect my iphone 6s it shows an exclamation mark in universal bus controllers please help none of the above methods worked

Mrs. Potato says:

Mine doesn't come up in device manager. Does that mean there is something wrong with the cable I am using?

Salinato Salinas says:

Help I did exactly what you said it still not recognize by windows 10 , please help

safoo chan says:

iphone 3GS ?

sovlreaper d says:

when i finished the steps it still says "do u want to give is device access to your phone u need permission from your phone" and i cant get in because my device is disabled

Derp Derpson says:

awesome dude thanks !

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