Hands-on with Apple’s Watch

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CNET’s Scott Stein tries on Apple’s first wearable device, the Apple Watch, and offers up his first impressions. The new device will be available in early 2015, starting at $349.


Sam Sam says:

At&t rep reported their will be a extra $10 charge for Apple watch users on their phone bill. 

Oliver Buch says:

Why would anyone buy the Apple Watch, I've got an Iphone myself

Las prichi says:

So freaking cool

The Mechanic 7 says:

I am an Apple fan and I don't care what other people think….

Percy Sosa says:

Watch looks nice upset it wasn't round and even more upset with the absurd price for the watchband. How on earth is the watch $350 and the band $250 that's ridiculous $600 for a watch the requires a $650 phone WHAT! regardless if u think that's a great buy good for u I returned my 6+ and got a nexus 6 with a moto 360 cheers!

TheMaux64 says:


hell 0 says:

The is the NSAs Wet dream/fantasy come true. Now everyone's gonna being tracked like guinea pigs. I'll stick to my G-shock 

Rio Cheng says:

Lol, haters gonna hate. Every Apple products looked like an epic fail when they were first launched. It's completely different thing between watching the video or use it for real. I believe Apple Watch will achieve the success for sure. Just keep on bashing guys, nobody will freakin' care.

Ade Okubs says:

will definitely not buy this watch..waste of money..it can do everything my phone can do plus a watch to me, is just for telling the time and nothing else. I have apple products (Iphone 6 and a macbook air) but this watch is just shit and then its expensive to make things worse! A rolex over this crap anyday!

Cole O'Driscoll says:

I think that it's actually rood for Apple to not include iPhone 4S users. The Apple Watch is compatible with every iPhone with iOS 8.2 except for the iPhone 4S. All they want is money because they want iPhone 4S users to upgrade. So sad

First Last says:

i am a apple fanboy yes but even i don't see the point in this, such a bad idea i wish steve jobs was still around

babubhai says:

This guy is so excited to talk abt this watch 

shawn washington says:

Can not wait for the Pebble Time Steel to come out. Just preordered it on KickStarter this afternoon while standing in the line at Subway: Eat Fresh.

TheeDaniel R says:

Hate you. And you are also too fat.

blackfear1562 says:

I love apple and I love the look at this but man smart watches seem like a gimmick to me on both sides I don't get the point of them because for 1 you must pair them with your smartphone do if your smartphone dies the watch becomes useless and the 2nd reason is ok so they can track your heartbeat and whatever for health reasons but there is machines that do that at the gym and w lot of phones like the s5 have the technology built in to the phone so why do we need to spend whatever ridiculous amount Apple decided to say for this I personally feel the technology just isn't there yet I much rather see Apple focus there resources on fiveinf my iPhone better battery life because yes it is bad and optimize the software even more then this silly watch and no this is not out of me being a fan boy I hate the watches on both sides as things stand because the cost doesn't equal the value that I would get out of it 

mor st says:

Hi I want to buy apple watch where I can buy and it's original

Tommy Lee says:

LG G Watch R beats this watch

EdEddnEddyonline1 says:

Apple Watch is out in April 

luke ortego says:

Apple Smart necklaces are coming late 2016.. 

Kazumi Ichiro says:

I prefer The Stainless steel with The white rubber.

modeyv2 says:

Hate the design, its also too fat.

madison capalungan says:

I want to get this but I can get a much cheaper and better watch than this

trebombs4life says:

beam me up scotty

Ethan R says:

If you're an Apple hater then why did you go to YouTube and type in "Apple Watch"….? Seems to me that you're so far ahead in hating on Apple products and praising Samsung that you're a bit jealous of the new iPhone's and the Apple Watch. 

jurgen Meco says:


unknown94 says:

Looks nice but not worth my money.

Doxil vik says:

Cool but do we have to keep charging the battery.., hope I don't have to carry charger every time I travel. Lol 

Brandon Robson. says:

I am an android person, I like apple but I think this just looks ridiculous compared to the other smartwatches available. It just sticks out too much.

BoostedZ28Camaro says:

It's nice but I prefer my Gear S.

Donald J. Trumpp says:

I'll be posting the apple watch bend test once it's out.

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