Gold iPod Touch 6th Gen Cut in Half! AWESOME!!

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iPod Touch 6th Gen GIVEAWAY! Gold iPod Touch 6th Generation VS Carbide Tipped Saw Blade Table Saw

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DumDumJake says:


Nahum_is_cool 187 says:

Awwwwww jul 17 is my brithday

Heidi Gutierrez Zamudio says:

that was awesome but i would never do that if i had an ipod but its ok bc you had your reasons why you did it and not trying to brag in any reasons but i am getting my ipod touch 6 tmorow even tho i have an iphone 7 and an apple loptop and a tablet mini 2 and its awesome bc am saving up money to buy some ibeat headphones bc my pink ones are not just not i dont know its just not something am getting the gold ones there awsome

sony bhatt says:

I want it please

CannonPro says:

My ipod touch 6th generation is still running ios 9.0.1 and its jailbroken i refuse to update to matter what 🙂 i use a samsung galaxy j7 as my main driver so its ok

Dragonballzfanz Yp says:

Not Awesome

Gaming NC says:

Have iPod touch

Gaming Master says:

I got one

Connor Hawker-23 says:

You are awesome Coul I have the iPod

Connor Hawker-23 says:

You are awesome Coul I have the iPod

Ethan Ramirez says:

Dang that's a waste of money

Ethan Ramirez says:

Who would want to mess up any iPod I have and iPod 5 and an iPod 4 I wouldn't want that to happen to my iPods and I've always wanted an iPod 6

Lucas Martin-Druppel says:

i love you

Dan Wilcox says:

Waste I could've had that????????

Crystal 15 says:

Why would anyone buy a new iPod ???? and then cut it in half and what you did was a waste of money ???? that someone else less fortunate then you could of used

Deonna Nichols says:

His channel is the ????????????


dude i want it so much i dolt have one what is it like

theinfernolions says:

I want to enter the giveaway

Josefina Mendoza says:

poor phone

860Derek says:

i want the ipod

Hector Walsh says:

That was awesome

Emma Hall says:

I wish I have an ipod I am the right age for it anyway

‫مـزًطُۈلُة خإآرٍجٍة ۶ن إآلُقإآنۈن‬‎ says:

oh fuck you Why You Do iT ???????? ????????

Melody P. says:

Dude I felt like I was getting cut in half

Recno Boy says:


Leon miles says:

I am watching this on my iPod I am so scared I don't want that to happen to mine

yomato333 says:

This infuriates me!I can't even spell I'm so mad!

Carter Hayes says:

that was cool

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