Glowing Apple Logo iPhone 6S Mod – How To & Should You?

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How To Make The Apple Logo Glow on iPhone 6S & 6S Plus! Awesome Mod Like Macbook Glowing Logo. Review & How To.

6S: & 6S Plus:
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Battery Stickers:


patrici Nascimento says:

Minha filha tá concorrendo a um presente do Google a ganha um desse muito bom

kaz9781 says:

All that to get a little logo to light up?

Mousei MSP says:

I used to be a fan but now im a…..


You thought i was gonna do the air conditioner thing? Well i didn't.

Diana says:

No thanks. I wouldn't do this to my expensive phone. It should be a factory installed.

kochebazari كوچه بازارى says:

good video but not for me tho

Remember The Name says:

:25 "it's not super bright, like it doesn't stand out" — in the thumbnail the damn phone logo is blinding me.


It's so hard to do that's just for a little light on the apple

Prashant Jha says:

I would never mind doing that if YouTube is paying me for this…

Flor Hernandes says:

Ok,can you just like do it for me lol

Mariana Escacris says:

Who is GOING TO do that?!

mahtab hussain says:

where to buy the back panel for using this mod logo

MR. Nick says:

I hate the way he talks I don't know way

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