Geekanoids Apple iPod Classic Review (+ unboxing)

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Just released last week, we bring you a video review of the iPod Classic 160GB in silver. Unboxing, the new user interface and our first impressions of this new device. More great content can be found on


MoZz says:

Still my alltime best video.. 

supermrmario123 says:

Slim Design Not anymore Not even for 2007 but gen 5 or less I thought of it
as Nice Design

Jason Wilson says:

cut your nails nigga

Lamar Riddle says:

I can’t get passed the fact that you have chicken and beer on your ipod

taylorthedog99 says:

“Nice slim line design” not by today’s standards! =)

Your Local Mario Elitist says:

right click on the song and click the “add album artwork”

Danielle Reed says:

Im about to buy an ipod classic after having a 1st gen and 4th gen ipod
touch and I have to say ipod classic is just way more fun. I had an ipod
video u2 version and I like that lots more than any ipod touch. Im not sure
why but definitely worth getting over ipod touch. Not to mention my library
of music and movies is already past 61 gb so I definitely need the space
either way.

amnesyuck~ says:

i thought i was the only one who slept listening to this video

Nnemicvids says:

Your voice is really soothing! xD

pacman101102 says:

ive watched this about 300 times just because of his voice

Katietoo says:

Hi Dave, is ipod the only way to go with MP3 players? I need a new one
(biggest capacity and stability) but have lost my notes of an alternative
that was due to be released in July which had very good write-ups. Any
suggestions, please? Incidentally, you don’t send me to sleep (and I know
the comments were given as compliments !! :-))

EandJEdits says:

wow ur outside congrats

1989NikeMcfly says:

Apple please make an iPod Classic with a retina display That would be so

Yorkielover07 says:

Should I get this or the iPod touch 4g 32 gigs ?

typhlosionDJ says:

Nice garden keep doing ones outside no matter what the wether

Chris Zona says:

how did u get content on it so fast

XBK8 says:

Touch you can do sooooo much more

Sam Hodge says:

@louisbuckley haha so do I!

RubbishHairRees says:

Love the ( slim design )

hot666topic says:

@matthoffman12345 cacat lo ngepet

noir alias says:

i used to have a classic but it got stolen n then i got an iphone, the
music is great on the fone but i still liked the classic style n form better

Annalizzatoo says:

@5876mg Give on to meeeee xD

dobbeans says:

@davomrmac Not anymore

Geekanoids says:

@karimbk1 Thanks.

MrIpodtouch2011 says:

@XxXS4MMiXxX no i have got 123 apps on it and i still have 1g memory left

BIgObelmont650 says:

hey can ppl tell me its either ipod classic 160gb or ipod tOUCH 32 gb wich
u prefer pleas reply

whiteipod2000 says:

@cradleoflinkinpark That will never happen. The iPod classic is a hard
drive, which makes it cheaper to implement more memory. The new iPods
(shuffle, touch, nano) have flash, which can only handle up to 32gigs
cheaply, anymore and it will be ridiculously expensive.

Manny 98 says:

I have all the iPods.

The Giant Kid says:

just look up asmr or asmr for sleep. you’ll find hundreds

Steffen Kindsgrab says:

packaging looks like a face

Yew San Cheah says:

At times, he sounds a little like Michael Caine lmao xP

PoweredByCNG Adblue says:

hey should do an ipod collection like Detroitborg which i believe
he has every single ipod/ipad and iphone already.

Geekanoids says:

@JoeBVidss Thanks so much for visiting one of my older videos.

Geekanoids says:

@nautbijker My guess, October 15th.

Geekanoids says:

@typhlosionDJ Thanks, the weather was good on this day.

Geekanoids says:

@swingking338 Thanks so much, I remember you too, really appreciate you

Karim Ben Khalifa says:

i watched this video like 10, 15 times ! great work 😉

Geekanoids says:

@5876mg To make your iPod fit snuggly in docking chargers and speakers etc.

The Giant Kid says:

I find asmr videos to be the best way to achieve this.

Geekanoids says:

@edwin768 I still love the Classic myself.

MrIpodtouch2011 says:

@XxXS4MMiXxX no i got 1283 songs on my ipod touch and 300 apps 8gb lol and
there is 3g left out of 8g

iMaaiD says:

I have one question is this worth buying?

Selin Gurluman says:

Can you play games??

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