force install Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8 onto iBook g3, iMac g3, how to, (in description)

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this is a video of my ibook g3 running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8, I did a HD swap from my G4 and it booted up!! but nothing works mostly everything crashes

here is the harder way to do it, well give it a try, this way works, how to install leopard onto an unsupported mac with a g3 processor full guide:


Nicky the computer guy says:

FAKE! The itunes icon is the old one. i could tell that is os x tiger.

Florian Schmidt says:

You can tell this is fake because the dropdown menus in the menu bar aren't rounded like they should be in leopard. This is probably just a theme

Tristan Gauci (Maega) says:

You can tell this is Tiger by the way the Dock redraws after adding/removing icons (3:34)
The Dock doesn't dynamically change size with an animation, it snaps a short time after the needed size is changed. This is clearly the Liger theme in action.

maccollectorZ (Commenting Account) says:

What I am wondering is why your Leopard OS has the older iTunes (the one with the green logo), while I am pretty sure Leopard comes with iTunes 7 or so.

Junglist28 says:

Ok here is my problem..I have a iBook G4 PowerBook 6,7. processor 867 MHz, 512 Memory. Currently running Mac OS X 10.4.11. I am totally new to this, I just found out I can run Mac OS X 10.5.8 on it. Is this true? if yes, how? Can I run 10.6 to be updated on either Safari, Chrome,Mozilla, or Adobe?? Any suggestions or if you can point me in the right directions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

theRealEnzyme says:

10.5 is the last supported version that this machine can run (all the rest don't work on the processor). And no, this isn't fake. You can use XPostFacto to force install any PowerPC version of OS X onto these computers.

brendan schmitz says:

Don't take my last name sir :(

Aphrodite2009 says:

Will this install on a 700mhz iBook G3?

Justin Schmitz says:

It also doesn't make much sense as to why you would take the hard drive from a newer G4 that can actually run the software and putting it inside of ancient hardware.

Justin Schmitz says:

No, I've been a mac user for about 5 years. I bought my iMac last year whenever it came out (this generation) And I'm interested in the older stuff because I started out on a PowerBook G4 and it's interesting to see how much Mac's have grown :)

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