Fix Recovery Mode Loop OR iTunes Logo on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

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This video tutorial shows how to fix recovery mode loop or iTunes logo screen on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
This works for iOS 8 & iOS9 and iOS 10.

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Lil SavageHitler says:

mines is not stuck but it won't stay long enough to restore my phone plz help

MK LA says:


Sivasakthi C says:

If you update your phone with a battery change from ebay or another portal, then apple will block your phone to function again.

– Either go and change iPhone battery or if you have original battery kept as a backup then for every upgrade you have used that.

I checked with support but never get any help except bring the phone to apple. Then when I explained this scenario and asked why apple is blocking. The answer is: maintaining quality that other vendor battery will spoil their device.

U Mad Bro says:

I guess the first method is the easiest

Alex Ponce says:

it works the second one

Prettyboyfredo Gtz* says:

mine says i need the latest update

saurez thirruram says:

i can hear the disconnecting and connecting sound in my laptop during the reset in the second mode and it comes out error 4013

NYC bro says:

thank you verry verry much

Nasir Majothi says:

update nd restore option are not appear
plz help

sick music XD says:

it worked thanks!

Aliya Jabri says:

I dnt have computer how to recover

Toby Tang says:

whilsts updating my ipad to ios 10, the update was not successful. Instead of clicking restore I clicked update.

K Mansbridge says:

Neither method works

Haider Ali says:

Hi Abdulmoiz! i connected my iphone with computer and run itunes but it did not detect my iphone please help…😔

KarenaVlogs says:

it didn't even work for my ipad

Elias Gonzalez says:

It worked!!!!!

Om Kadam says:

how we can get back our data after this method

lpspikamaryproductions 123 says:

I know someone that has an I pad on recovery mode

Dat boi says:

it is absolutely ridiculous that this is still a problem, i had to deal with these problems years ago and again now, when will they learn?

Em Eichin says:

got a 7 gen ipod touch when i plug it in i get the flashing apple and it keeps turning on and off doing this once unpluged i cant even turn it on or get any response from any buttons.

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