FIX: iTunes Wont Install On Windows 10

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FIX: iTunes Wont Install On Windows 10! What’s up, in this video I will be showing you how to install iTunes on Windows 10 if you are getting any errors. This should be the fix for you, if it is not then you will have to directly contact Microsft. Thanks for watching, please subscribe, like and share!

Download here:

iTunes for Windows [32-bit]:

iTunes 12.2.1,16 for Windows [64-bit]:

iTunes for Windows [64-bit – for older video cards]:

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Luis Franco Cueva says:

Windows 10 Sucks :v

The Apple Tech Guy says:

yo what is the difrence between 32 bit and 64 bit i have a 64bit computer but deos the 62 bit have any thing special than 32 bit

CrazyT3N says:

Thanks dude! I even had a diffrent error but the links provided still helped and made the intsallation work!

Toxape TV says:


cowpow1267 says:

I like potatoes

Malzatic YT says:

cant install still help me

BenjiZero Devos says:

I have Windows 10 and whenever I try to install iTunes, opening the installer brings a pop up saying "This app can not run on this PC"

PhonicAmoeba8 says:

I thought you will show us how to download it not just tell us.

Sue the Nomad says:

You rock, thank you

Eboy 5 Ferrari says:

Thanks so much this helps me alto so I gave u too Mir subs

xXDarkSharkXx says:

thanks so mucch bro

Hypnotunez says:

Mine just won't open. And my device (which is not a computer, it is a surface) won't recognize the ipad.

Dave Henry says:

One of them finally worked! Thanks

niko game27 says:

thx mate

GregEatsAss says:

i still get the same error i have downloaded all of them and it does the same thing for every single one. I get the furthest with the older video card one 64bit but then when i get it downloaded i can try and open up iTunes it says that" Apple Application was not found. Apple application Support is needed to run ituneshelper. please uninstall itunes, then install itunes again. Error 2." i try to download it manually and then it says that i dont have enough permissions, so i tried to go onto my administrator account and download it, it says the exact same thing. I really don't know what to do. help?

Harry HD says:

When I click on iTunes to open it nothing happens

aziz ibrahem says:

didnt worked for me

zain says:

my device is connected but its not reading but my laptop is detecting im not able to understand pls help

MajorMusician says:

You are a LEGEND!

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