Fix iTunes error “Could not connect to iPhone / Invalid response received from device”

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Fix iTunes error “Could not connect to iPhone because an Invalid response was received from device”
This is a short F.C.E. 365 video that helps you to fix such errors when you connect your iDevice to PC.

This error is most likely caused by a failed Jailbreak attempt, an invalid Cydia app that acts like an Enderman (move files from here to there and make the phone faulty) or a bypass attempt.
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Yamin Ahmed says:

Can't you just reset the I phone from its settings and then plug it in with itunes and be good?

Brad Browne says:

"Me and my cat"…

Kenneth Munzi says:

Thanks man!! This worked.

Sweet GAINZ says:

omg thank you!!!!!

Susan Williams says:

thank you. ipod touch 1st gen up and running 🙂 your a star

Tim Hooper says:

wow man you just saved me big time!! I was in panic mode not knowing how or if I could fix my phone!!!

Chloe Dowling says:

When you restore your phone do you loose anything on your phone???

Amina Shayna says:

thank you, it worked.

El Alba says:

omg! thank you so much! you're an angel! I thought I'd need to take my laptop at an apple store and wait shit load of days to get this fixed. yourock!!

Allisha Cobb says:

Thank Alot !!!

Aldin Omercic says:


King Damo says:

what does it mean when it says waiting for iPhone?

Prokitch Media says:

Thanks, it helped.

SweetSwirl996 Amissah says:

whats the song at the beginning ?

Ryan says:

This worked! thanks alot :)

XxR3DC0R3xX says:

TYTY Alot! DFU worked

Mr Milky says:

What does error -18 mean?

I eXampLz I says:

Thank you so much it worked really well

khanbibi says:

i have this from my ipad and ipod  touch very aggravating

F.C.E. 365 TV - iDevice Central says:

Thanks Melvin! Would you like to join our forums?

Melvin Galdamez says:

you got my like on any of your vids!!

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